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Jeudi 23 Janvier 2014

NETGEAR Zooms in on its Carbon Footprint with CRedit360 Sustainability Software

NETGEAR has invested in CRedit360's proven sustainability software to track its carbon footprint with increased accuracy. As part of its commitment to measuring and tackling its environmental impacts, the US-based manufacturer of computer networking equipment will use the CRedit360 system to monitor fundamental energy and waste data at 100 locations worldwide. It is also set to measure the carbon emissions associated with business travel. NETGEAR will submit a detailed analysis of its overall carbon footprint annually to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

"Investing in a world-class software solution was all important," explains Allan Alvarado, Environmental Compliance Manager, NETGEAR. "The CRedit360 solution delivers outstanding flexibility, and offers a robust means of both tracking and reporting our carbon footprint. We were particularly impressed by the comprehensive nature of the reporting tools within the system."

NETGEAR will use the CRedit360 solution to track its carbon emissions both at sales offices in the US, Europe, Middle East and Africa, and at 20 manufacturing sites in China. Its carbon footprint will be automatically calculated within the system using relevant carbon emissions factors.

Mark Shields, Managing Director, CRedit360, commented: "By using the CRedit360 solution, NETGEAR will be better placed to unravel the complexity of its environmental impacts and obtain the vital data needed to inform and drive action on its sustainability performance."

NETGEAR is one of 30 new clients won by CRedit360 in the past 12 months and joins leading organisations already using the solution, including Staples, Philips, HEINEKEN and McDonald's. CRedit360 is the only financially independent, established software provider to have specialised in sustainability and EHS from the outset. The company is regularly recognised as a market-leading provider of sustainability software, most recently via the Verdantix 2013 Green Quadrant Sustainability Management Software Report.

For further information, please visit credit360.com

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