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Motley Fool Rule Breaker review

Motley Fool Rule Breaker Review: Wasteful or Winner?

Motley Fool is a well-known investing and financial advice website. Its oldest—and most popular—service is Stock Advisor, which was first offered in 2002. However, in this Motley Fool Rule Breaker review, we’ll be taking a look at their second-oldest service! First offered in 2004, this subscription takes a more risky approach to investing by prioritizing potential profits over near-guaranteed gains. Are the risks worth the reward? By the end of this review, you’ll find out!

A Bit of Background

The Motley Fool company was founded in 1993 by David Gardner, Tom Gardner, and Erik Rydholm. After a somewhat rough start, the company began offering its flagship service—”Stock Advisor 2002. Its second subscription offering, “Rule Breakers”, was first available in 2004. These subscription services have managed to vastly outperform the S&P 500 since their inception, offering returns of 312% and 163% respectively. For context, the S&P 500 has offered a 102% return since 2002 (and an 87% return since 2004).

Since the release of its first two subscription services, Motley Fool has gone on to offer additional services such as Rule Your Retirement, Everlasting Stocks, and the Epic Bundle.

The Purpose of Rule Breakers

Many stock advisory services focus on providing safe investment recommendations that should provide decent gains over time. Rule Breakers eschews this approach, instead opting for volatile investments that data suggests will offer a great return. This approach increases the risk for investors who follow the suggestions to a T, but also increases their likelihood of making record-breaking profits off of specific investments. As such, this service is best suited for investors who can tolerate a lot of risk.


Earlier in this Motley Fool Rule Breaker review, we mentioned the return percentage for both Rule Breakers and Stock Advisor. Attentive readers will remember that Stock Advisor outperformed Rule Breakers overall. Does this make Rule Breakers the inferior service? Well, not exactly.

Rule Breakers not only provides stock suggestions; it also provides a detailed analysis of each stock for subscribers to study. Using this data, investors can decide if they’re willing to make a specific investment. You don’t need to make an investment simply because Rule Breakers suggested it! In fact, you’ll likely lose money on some of its suggestions. Fortunately, since Rule Breakers follows the “higher risk, higher reward” mantra, you should see your wins outperforming your losses. Using due diligence when researching potential investments will help you minimize your risk. If—after reading the expert analysis—an investment still doesn’t make sense to you, we recommend passing it up.

Costs & Features

Investors who want guidance from Motley Fool’s “Rule Breakers” should prepare to spend $299 per year (although we’ve placed a promotion at the end of this article!). For that price, you’ll enjoy access to:

Exclusive Stock Picks

Every month, Rule Breakers releases two stock recommendations. These recommendations are hand-picked, based on the calculations and market research that predict immense growth in the near future. Generally speaking, Motley Fool recommends holding on to a stock for a minimum of five years, but it will also send you a “Sell Now” alert if the market outlook changes drastically.

Best Buy Nows

“Best Buy Nows” are specific stocks that are chosen from past stock picks. Motley Fool releases these recommendations in the middle of every month. This feature will let you know which stocks to pick up this month (if you haven’t already). In this way, you will avoid missing out on profitable investments you may not have received previously via “Stock Picks.”

Foundational Stocks

Investing only in volatile stocks is unlikely to bring you consistent, long-term success. The Motley Fool company suggests building a base portfolio made up of at least 25 stocks, so they provide yearly “Foundational Stocks” recommendations to help you establish this base. Adding these nine stock suggestions to your portfolio will help you manage the ups and downs of the market.

Educational Materials

Although Motley Fool offers plenty of educational materials for free, they hide all the best content behind a paywall. Fortunately, you’ll enjoy instant access to this premium information as part of your Rule Breakers subscription! Watch live stock analysis from industry experts, read market sector reports, and performance tab. The Rule Breakers “Performance Tab” contains all the historical information you’d need to know about a stock, including its original price (when recommended by Rule Breakers), return rate, current price, and current performance compared to the S&P 500.

A Simple Summary

In this Motley Fool Rule Breaker review, we’ve clearly established that Rule Breakers presents riskier investment opportunities than its older counterpart. Despite not performing quite as well as Stock Advisor, Rule Breakers still vastly outperforms the S&P 500. It’s also important to note that this performance is based on the Rule Breakers portfolio as a whole. Certain stock picks—such as Tesla—have skyrocketed to offer returns of over 16,000%! For those with greater risk tolerance and the patience to do their own research into specific Rule Breakers’ stock recommendations, the service can easily result in awe-inspiring returns. If you’re ready to try your hand at this type of investing, sign up for Rule Breakers—at a reduced first-year rate of $99— by clicking here

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