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Motley Fool Everlasting Stocks: A Timeless Solution to Stocks?

It’s a lot easier for the average person to begin investing these days than it was in the past. Still, not every new investor is interested in learning the ins and outs of the market. Sometimes, you just want a simple “set it and forget it” approach!

For these types of investors, Motley Fool’s Everlasting Stocks is the perfect stock advisory subscription. Focusing on stocks that can theoretically be held forever, this service offers low-risk recommendations that are anticipated to appreciate over time. Sounds simple enough, but surely there’s a pitfall somewhere, right? Well, although there are a few notable drawbacks, we think the positives outweigh the negatives. Keep reading to find out how we reached this conclusion!

The Legacy of The Fool

Founded by David Gardner, Erik Rydholm, and Tom Gardner in 1993, the Motley Fool has grown from a simple financial website to one of the most well-known stock advisory services of the modern era. Nowadays, the company offers both free and premium articles in addition to a variety of specialized advisory subscription services. Although it wasn’t always taken seriously during its early stages, the Fool has proven itself throughout the years, consistently providing recommendations that outperform the S&P 500.

What Are Everlasting Stocks?

“Everlasting Stocks” is a Motley Fool subscription-based recommendation service that focuses on stocks that can—theoretically—be held onto forever. New subscribers will immediately receive a list of 15 stock picks that the Fool considers suitable portfolio starters. In general, Motley Fool recommends holding onto stocks for a minimum of five years, although “Everlasting Stocks” are specifically chosen to stand the test of time.

Every month, your Everlasting Stocks subscription will deliver two hand-picked stocks, complete with the data behind the selections. Subscribers don’t need to read this information; they can simply choose to invest blindly instead. However, it’s great to have these details on hand if desired. In addition to the data regarding stock picks, “Everlasting Stocks” subscribers will also have access to all of the premium Motley Fool articles, which can provide great educational value.

Who They’re for

The most obvious demographic for “Everlasting Stocks” is beginner investors who are hoping to establish a strong base for their portfolios. For these investors, Everlasting Stocks allows them to build a formidable portfolio efficiently while learning more about investing at the same time. However, the same can be said for intermediate investors who are still trying to collect low-volatility assets. Even experienced investors can take advantage of Everlasting Stocks, as the program can provide stock suggestions (and the data-driven research behind them) that they may have overlooked in the past.


Unlike many other Motley Fool services, Everlasting Stocks hasn’t been around for decades. In fact, the subscription service started relatively recently in 2021 (although the portfolio has been around since 2018). It has performed impressively during this short time period, outperforming the S&P 500 while offering high returns to its subscribers. Nonetheless, the youth of this service is working against it. Past performances are never a guarantee of future performances, but since Everlasting Stocks is so new, its individual performance history is almost meaningless. That said, Motley Fool—as a company—has an average return of 204%, so we are still confident that Everlasting Stocks’ impressive returns will continue.

Mix & Match for Maximum Success

Subscribing to Everlasting Stocks helps you establish a strong base portfolio that will appreciate over time, but it doesn’t offer a lot for investors interested in shorter-term gains. Motley Fool offers a variety of alternative services that can help you achieve high returns in the near future, including:

● Stock Advisor ($199 per year) offers monthly stock suggestions and has historically provided returns exceeding 400%.
● Rule Breakers ($299 per year) provides stock suggestions that aim to result in sizable returns by targeting volatile assets.
● Real Estate Winners ($249 per year) is a suggestion service that recommends a new real estate investment every month.

As you’ve likely noticed, these subscriptions can become quite pricey. If you’re interested in subscribing to multiple Motley Fool services, we recommend opting for the Epic Bundle instead. This multi-subscription service grants instant access to “Stock Advisor,” “Rule Breakers,” “Real Estate Winners,” and “Everlasting Stocks” at a reduced rate of $499 per year (as opposed to $1,046 per year with individual subscription pricing).

Another Reason to Sign Up for Motley Fool Everlasting Stocks

Nearly every investor can benefit from building up (or building on) their portfolio of low-risk assets. Subscribing to this single service alone is sure to set you up for success, but you can turn your portfolio into a real powerhouse by combining it with additional services using the Epic Bundle!

Motley Fool’s “Everlasting Stocks” is the perfect subscription service for all long-term investors, but the asking price of $299 per year may be off-putting to potential customers. Fortunately for our readers, we’ve obtained a discounted offer: click here to enjoy your first year of Everlasting Stocks for a mere $99!

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