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Mobilizing Innovation

With cloud and mobile technologies driving technological change, and China emerging as a true rival to the US, the findings indicate that the landscape for technology innovation is as fast-changing as the technologies themselves.

Mobilizing Innovation
Innovations are transforming a variety of sectors in unforeseen ways in this switched-on era: smartphones, tablets, social networking, digital media, mobile commerce and the ubiquitous cloud. All are shaking up our lifestyles and workplaces.

Countries that were not part of the technology innovation map are emerging with talented entrepreneurs. Well-known technology innovation leaders such as Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft are being joined by upstarts such as Tencent and Baidu from China. Visionary technologists like Masayoshi Son from Japan and Jack Ma from China are getting in the headlines outside their home country.

Three key takeaways of the survey’s findings include:
- The undeniable power of cloud computing to unleash innovations and improve productivity.
- The still-developing transformations of an “always-on” mobile era.
- China emerging as a force that will compete with the US to foster tech innovation and gain market leadership.

The cloud floats above all in a storm of tech disruptions
The cloud in its various forms (SaaS, IaaS, PaaS) trumps all market sectors by a wide margin in this two-part question. Slightly more than half (56 percent) of the survey respondents predict that these cloud services will lead consumer technology change and shake up business the most (55 percent). Moreover, software as a service dwarfed the two other cloud-computing categories (infrastructure and platforms), with 30 percent singling out SaaS on the consumer side and 21 percent for business.

The upside of the mobile internet
Three key results spotlight the onward march of mobile:
- Smartphones and tablets lead as top technology breakthroughs that will result in the biggest business transformation for the time being.
- Mobile device manufacturers such as Apple out-rank other types of businesses for tech innovation leadership within the respondent’s home country.
- About one-third point to internet companies (such as Google, Facebook and Amazon) as emerging champions in the fast-developing mobile commerce ecosystem.
These trends are led by the advanced mobile communications markets of Japan and Korea, big and growing mobile bases in China and India, and the uptake of next-generation mobile standards around the world.

Potential challenge to Silicon Valley’s position as tech innovation leader
More than 4 in 10 say it is likely that the world’s technology innovation center would shift from Silicon Valley to another country in the next four years. Of those who believe Silicon Valley will not be the tech leader of the future, 44 percent point to China as the world’s leading innovation hub by 2016.
The survey revealed a deviation in opinions along national lines about this China-US dynamic. Nearly three-quarters of those polled in China compared to about one-fourth of US respondents foresee that China has the greatest potential for disruptive breakthroughs with a global impact. Not surprisingly, US-based scorers rank the US in first place. It is no longer a shock to predict China’s rise to prominence as a technology leader.

Apple leads as top tech innovators: the tipping point
Apple and the late Steve Jobs lead the list of the world’s most innovative companies and top visionaries by a wide margin. In second place is Google. Microsoft and Bill Gates also stand out for progressive innovation leadership, as do IBM, Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook, and Jeff Bezos and Amazon.

Time to quit class and join a startup?
Less than half of respondents believe that their country’s classrooms can help develop tomorrow’s generation of innovative leaders – clearly leaving room for improvement over this heated issue.

Revealing differences about who leads the charge for innovation progress
Nearly one-third say the responsibility to drive innovation rests with the CEO. Four in 10 feel research and development (R&D) is where innovation is most often spotted and nurtured.

Championing innovation: the carrot and the yardstick
How is innovation championed in the business world? Well, money works, with 4 in 10 answering that bonuses and salary increases are the most effective incentives. How do the survey’s technologists measure the value of innovation? More than half respond that revenue growth is the best metric – understandably so. Surprisingly, the number of patents, a typical gauge for inventiveness, is ranked low.

Download the survey (PDF 52 pages):

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