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Mercor Finance Launches $MRCR IDO as the First BSCstarter ‘Certified START Project’ on May 26

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Mercor Finance will decentralize algorithmic trading by supporting developers with tools to build while creating accessibility and ease for investors to profit

BSCstarter (, the first community-oriented launchpad for Binance Smart Chain (BSC), today announced the Mercor Finance ( IDO will launch as the first ‘Certified START Project’ on the BSCstarter platform. As a social platform giving everyday cryptocurrency traders the opportunity to directly invest using complex algorithms, Mercor Finance aims to disrupt financial markets by building a bridge between algorithmic trading and investors worldwide, granting access to the exclusive world of algorithmic trading to everyday traders.

Selected by the BSCstarter team and appointed council, Mercor Finance’s ‘Certified START IDO Project’ approval will grant Mercor end-to-end support from BSCstarter, including IDO guidance, marketing, community support, access to private investors and launch coordination with exchanges and market makers, increasing its legitimacy.

“Certified START introduces a new level of IDOs for $START-ers. Each Certified IDO is hand-picked, where both the identity of all team members and the concept of the project are highly vetted,” said Lionel Iruk, BSCstarter Legal Advisor. “Operating as both a service provider and gatekeeper, only the best possible projects are considered ensuring our loyal $START-er community have exclusive access to the most promising projects. Mercor Finance not only ticked all boxes but excelled in the overall evaluation and we are excited to be able to give them a CERTIFIED $START on what we expect will be a long and illustrious career in blockchain.”

“Our team is extremely excited to provide the users of the Mercor Platform access to the black box of trading, algorithmic trading. Mercor Finance will launch on the 26th of May, being selected as the first certified IDO on BSCstarter. From there on, we are looking to immensely grow the community, platform users, partnerships and integrations. We have already secured partnerships with Sheesha Finance, Darkpool Liquidity, and DG10 Ventures, with many more yet to be announced,” said Mercor Finance CEO.

Though the cryptocurrency market is ripe, project developers face problems such as hard to acquire tools, affordability and data exclusivity. Traders face issues including non-transparent markets, cost, and barriers to entry. These hurdles are causing a lack of cooperation between private traders and developers, which lead to large institutional investor dominance. This is especially true in today’s market where licenses and data are inherent to a competitive edge.

Mercor Finance has identified the solution to this problem and provides its users with the instruments to develop, and potential to invest in what is known as the “black box of trading”: algorithmic trading. Mercor supplies developers with analytical tools, backtesting capabilities, and exclusive data with a goal to make investing in algorithmic trading publicly accessible, reducing entry barriers. The Mercor token ($MRCR) allows for developers to earn their fees in $MRCR, use different tiers for staking models and investors can pay algorithm fees with $MRCR.

Realizing a key concern for IDO investors is trust, BSCstarter’s ‘Certified START Program’ creates a synergy where stakeholders including the project team, private investors and venture partners, advisors, BSCstarter community and $START token holders, all enjoy mutual benefits. Each project must undergo a thorough analysis of its technical capabilities, business and team evaluation, marketing, community audit, and tokenomics review. Once accepted, the Certified START Program provides comprehensive support to ensure these projects have clear messaging and a roadmap for success.

Mercor Finance’s ‘Certified START IDO’ will launch its $MRCR sale on May 26, 2021, 15:00 UTC. Interested participants can sign up for the IDO via the Whitelist sign up form. Participants must complete the KYC procedure via Blockpass, as well as have a minimum of 50 $START tokens staked on V3 of the BSCstarter platform. By completing the form, participants will also take part in a random selection to receive a bonus of $2,000 USD in $START and $MRCR tokens.

ABOUT BSCstarter
BSCstarter ( is the first community-driven launchpad for Binance Smart Chain (BSC), providing projects access to funding opportunities without the hassle of bureaucratic hurdles, complex KYC requirements and a manual selection process. BSCstarter’s solution allows the community to determine which projects to list using collective due diligence and DYOR skills. BSCstarter provides a decentralized fundraising platform as it was intended to be: community-driven, open and free with equal opportunity for all, ultimately empowering investors to filter through the messy landscape where “rug pulls” overshadow the potential of BSC’s growing ecosystem.

About Mercor
Mercor Finance ( provides its users with the instruments to develop and the possibility to invest in what is known as the black box of trading, algorithmic trading. On the one hand, we supply developers with analytical tools, backtesting capabilities, and exclusive data. On the other hand, we make investing in algorithmic trading publicly accessible, by reducing entry barriers.

Mardi 25 Mai 2021

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