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Maven 11 releases 2022 predictions for the Blockchain Ecosystem and the Crypto Industry

Maven 11, the blockchain and crypto asset investment firm, has officially released its 2022 predictions for the crypto industry.

The ten predictions cover a wide range of topics, from airdrops and decentralized storage to regulatory environment and DeFi 2.0. The firm is releasing the new predictions after its accurate 2021 forecasts.

Spot-on 2021 Predictions

During 2021, the firm made 10 projections, many of which came to fruition. The most recognizable is NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, going mainstream. Celebrities, athletes and sports teams, rappers, and artists launched tokens in considerable volume. Additionally, institutions entering the crypto industry was another spot-on prediction, with major names like BlackRock, PayPal, and Tesla offering services in and around crypto. Besides these two significant trends, Maven 11 also forecasted decentralized finance surpassing USD 100 billion of total value locked, the first decacorn decentralized applications arising, the exploitation of smart contracts, and the transformation of the venture model in the industry. All of which were validated over the course of 2021.

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DeFi Derivatives

The firm’s top predictions for 2022 include Coinbase rolling out derivatives on their platform, options in DeFi significantly expanding its market share, and NFTs having an even bigger year than in 2021. In terms of Coinbase, Maven 11 predicts that the centralized exchange will start with perpetual swaps which will make the derivatives market among centralized exchanges even more competitive. DeFi options protocols, they forecast, will grow and take a significant portion of this market share as DeFi derivatives move from niche to becoming more mainstream.

Financialized NFTs

Digital art dominated the NFT push in 2021. “Yet”, says Maven 11 Chief Investment Officer Balder Bomans, “despite art and collectables accounting for the lion’s share of marketplace volume, the applications for NFTs go well beyond that. There are instances like royalty rights, intellectual property, such as music, and NFT-collateralized loans that serve as fantastic applications. This last product is a part of the larger category of financialized NFTs—these will really take off in 2022.”

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About Maven 11 Capital
Maven 11 Capital is an Amsterdam-founded blockchain and crypto asset investment firm that invests in and supports its ventures globally. The teams Maven 11 Capital partners with are on a rigorous quest to solve most exciting problems and make the necessary shift towards a decentralised future. Maven 11 Capital is registered and fully compliant with local regulators and takes pride in an ethical approach to investing.


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Vendredi 14 Janvier 2022

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