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Mardi 2 Septembre 2008

Martin Sieg CFO du groupe Vontobel

Vontobel Holding SA a nommé Dr Martin Sieg Castagnola Chief Financial Officer du groupe. En sa qualité de la direction du groupe, il dirigera le secteur Finance & Risk a informé la banque dans un communiqué diffusé mardi soir. Mr Sieg endossera sa nouvelle fonction au début de l'année prochaine.

Martin Sieg CFO du groupe Vontobel
L'ancien CFO Dr Axel May vise une nouvelle activité en dehors du groupe Vontobel.
Depuis 1994, M. Sieg a travaillé auprès de la BCZ dans différentes fonctions. Il était membre de la direction et dirigeait le secteur Investment & Private Banking.

Communiqué original :

Dr Martin Sieg named the new Chief Financial Officer of the Vontobel Group

Dr Martin Sieg Castagnola has been named the new Chief Financial Officer of the Vontobel Group. He has extensive expertise in various areas of banking and many years of management experience. In his role as a Member of the Group Executive Management, Dr Martin Sieg will be responsible for the Finance & Risk unit. He is expected to assume his new role at the lastest by the beginning of next year. The current CFO, Dr Axel May, will pursue a new challenge outside the Vontobel Group.

With the appointment of Dr Martin Sieg, the Vontobel Group is gaining a proven banking expert for the position of CFO. He has held various management functions at Zürcher Kantonalbank since 1994 and was most recently a Member of the Executive Board and Head of Investment & Private Banking. He previously also headed areas including Equities and Equity Derivatives Trading, Treasury and Asset Management. "Dr Martin Sieg brings with him many years of experience in the areas of risk management, asset management and investment banking. He will give new impetus to the ongoing execution of growth initiatives within the Group and ensure the continued optimization of our risk policy. I would like to express my sincere thanks to Dr Axel May for his considerable commitment," commented CEO Herbert J. Scheidt.


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