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Mercredi 29 Août 2012

Markets, Ratings, Statistics and Rates - August 30, 12 (1st update)

Markets, Ratings, Statistics and Rates - August 30, 12.

Markets, Ratings, Statistics and Rates - August 30, 12 (1st update)

MARKETS by ETX Capital and RATINGS by Thomson Reuters (http://www.analystratings.net)

09:00 AM

European equities are trading slightly lower this morning pressured by weak markets across the board in Asia on ongoing concerns that there is no turnaround in sight what Chinese growth is concerned and tumbling profits by several major Chinese companies. The Beige Book released last night had rather little impact on markets with the US economy showing little change and only gradual growth, all in all the results of the report certainly don’t pose an obstacle for the Fed to implement further stimulus measures in the near future while at the same time doesn’t necessarily immediately kick start the Fed into action either. Main focus this morning will be on Germany’s employment figures, unemployment is expected to remain at very low levels continuing to support consumption and the German economy as a whole. Any major negative surprise would most likely been taken very hard by the markets renewing fears that the European financial crisis is finally catching up with Germany with worse still to come in the months ahead. Furthermore there are several different Euro-zone confidence figures out today, the overall picture is expected to remain bleak but stable once again showing little signs of an imminent recovery. Finally Italia is auctioning off up to 4 Billion Euros of 10 year bonds today, while the last few auctions in the past couple of days went fairly well today’s auction will most likely be a bit more difficult as yields have come down substantially over the past few weeks making them less attractive to investors.

Markus Huber - Head of German HNW Trading - ETX Capital - www.etxcapital.com

STATISTICS of the day

Statistiques financières trimestrielles des entreprises, deuxième trimestre de 2012.
Les bénéfices d'exploitation des sociétés canadiennes se sont chiffrés à 71,9 milliards de dollars au deuxième trimestre, en baisse de 4,9 % par rapport au trimestre précédent. Ce recul fait suite à deux augmentations trimestrielles consécutives.

July 2012: employment remains at high level
In July 2012, a total of 41.6 million persons were in employment whose place of residence was in Germany. The Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) also reports that the number of persons in employment was by 464,000 higher than in the same month a year earlier. The number of unemployed was about 2.41 million in July 2012, which was a decline of about 137,000 from July 2011.

L’OMC actualise les données sur le commerce mondial dans sa base de données statistiques
Le 30 août 2012, l’OMC a actualisé ses données pour 2011 sur le commerce mondial des marchandises par groupe de produits de base et sur le commerce des marchandises par origine et destination dans sa base de données statistiques.


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