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Vendredi 1 Juin 2018

Liquidity Network set to become the go to airdrop provider with ‘free’ airdrops

Within the last 12 months over 2,500 digital currencies have performed an airdrop according to popular airdrop site The idea is clear, provide free tokens to the crypto community, and immediately receive 1000s of new stakeholders interested in your project. What isn't reported however is the transactions fees for the startups that are initiating the airdrops in the form of gas costs.

OmiseGo, an open payment system, ran an airdrop last year with over 5000 on-chain transactions totaling roughly 460,000 participants, it is estimated that this would have cost OmiseGo around $150,000 in gas costs alone. However, using an off-chain payment system not only reduces the transaction time, but also the fees too, in fact it is now instant and free with Liquidity Network’s off chain payment solution.

Liquidity Network incorporates the use of payment hubs, which allows 1000’s of users to transact with one another off the blockchain, enabling the airdrop to be distributed in a fast and efficient manner. The airdrop participants would also have the possibility to forward their tokens to family and friends. This major cost saving opens the possibility for startups to increase the reward given to participants, enabling project teams to build better communities and possibly gain more interest from investors.

In an interesting twist, Liquidity Network’s offchain payment solution can also facilitate ICO’s, which would mark the end of the much dreaded ‘gas wars’ that are regularly seen during an ICO. By removing the gas fees by transacting off chain and allowing instant payments, investors will finally have the chance to get in on an ICO on a first come first served basis and not based on how much gas an investor has offered.

As the popularity of airdrops continues to grow, and more startups incorporate it into their marketing strategies there will be more congestion within the Ethereum blockchain, which again will increase fees and slow down the blockchain. Liquidity.Network’s iconic solution will not only save money for companies, it increases transaction speed and more importantly facilitates the growth of a wider and stronger community.

About Liquidity.Network:
Liquidity.Network is a scalable off-chain payment system which allows Ethereum users to make payments without costly transaction fees. By utilising payment hubs, Liquidity.Network allows multiple users to send cost efficient Ethereum micropayments for the very first time.
Liquidity.Network is the first ever off-chain payment system to have a working MVP that allows its users bi-directional transfers of Ethereum. The project has already been successfully deployed on Ethereum’s Testnet service and has reached more advanced stages of development in comparison to its competitors, such as Raiden Network.
Liquidity.Network plans to launch the Liquidity DEX decentralized exchange by Q3 2018 which is set to become the very first non-custodial off-chain blockchain exchange.
A number of VC funds are already backing Liquidity.Network, such as DHVC, zk Capital, ZMT Capital and YouBi Capital. Liquidity.Network has already secured one of the first payment network customers with Hive Power, and the two companies will be collaborating to bring blockchain payment methods to the domestic energy industry.
Liquidity.Network was recently praised by Ethereum Co-Founder, Vitalik Buterin, in a recent talk at EDCON in Toronto as well as on his Twitter account.
Having already successfully secured 10,496 Ether in the public presale in March 2018, all eyes are on Liquidity.Network with the launch of its main sale ICO due on June 14 2018.

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