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Mardi 15 Octobre 2013

Lambert Smith Hampton to Upgrade Invoice Processing After Selecting Financial Document Management and Document Workflow Provider, Invu, to Process in Excess of 55,000 Invoice Transactions per Year

Lambert Smith Hampton (LSH), a UK based commercial property consultancy, has selected Invu, the financial document management software provider, to automate the invoice processing of over 1,000 transactions per week and reduce the authorisation process from up to ten days to just one through its integrated document workflow software.

LSH has 26 offices throughout the UK and comprises several different service lines, from Capital Markets to Planning and Development Consultancy. Property Management, the service line set to benefit from the implementation, is one of the largest nationwide services LSH offers to over 600 clients.

Due to the sheer volume of transactions being processed by LSH Property Management, the firm identified the need for a document workflow system which could electronically automate invoice processing and remove the ten day turnaround time currently associated with the authorisation process.

Mark Butcher, Director Property Management Operations LSH, comments, "Our current manual process means that surveyors and consultants lose valuable time manually processing invoices. We required an electronic system that would drive efficiency and improve our process for invoice approval; had automated workflow; could integrate into our back office system; and required minimal human input so that our qualified employees could focus on managing their client's accounts."

Butcher continues, "We were part way through a system development when Invu was recommended to us by an organisation where it had worked really well. After hearing what it had achieved we requested a demonstration to find out more. The Invu software was far more advanced and did not require the significant amount of development we were planning to undertake. It was clear at that point that Invu was the best system for us."

Invu's financial document management software will be integrated with LSH's back office accounting system, PM&A, and the company has purchased licenses for 150 people across the firm's network of offices.

Butcher concludes, "We are very happy with the service and support we have received from Invu to date. The Invu team understand our business and our processes, and are working hard to ensure the system is tailored and fit for LSH's specific purpose. We look forward to the anticipated time savings and efficiency the system will bring. In the future we plan to investigate what further products Invu can provide from a Document Management perspective."

About Invu
Invu develops and provides software solutions and services, such as invoice processing and financial document management, to help organisations with control, management and security of electronic documents and automation of document workflow. These solutions increase information integrity, visibility and access across an organisation, reduce costs of paper document storage and retrieval, provide auditable document records management and reduce risk of non-compliance.
Invu's solutions enable automated document scan, capture, process and archive, and integrate readily with most back office systems, allowing tighter control of financial, HR and general business processes. Initial, quantifiable return on investment - in terms of both money and time - is typically achieved in less than six months.
c1600 diverse organisations use Invu including: financial and professional services: manufacturing, engineering and construction; estate management; education; housing associations; transport & logistics; retail and wholesale and Leisure.


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