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Ireland seeks to become international blockchain hub with new initiative

The Irish Blockchain Expert Group (IBEG), led by IDA Ireland – a state agency responsible for the attraction and development of foreign direct investment in Ireland, has launched a new initiative aimed at providing information on the Irish blockchain ecosystem.

Dubbed ‘Blockchain Ireland,’ the online platform will serve as the go-to source of information on the Irish blockchain ecosystem, assisting the promotion of Ireland as a blockchain centre of excellence. The objective is to position Ireland as an international blockchain hub.

“IBEG, and the Blockchain Ireland initiative, will assist blockchain projects and businesses in leveraging the beneficial environment in Ireland to foster increased innovation, and develop a national, European, and international blockchain ecosystem. Ireland is uniquely positioned to serve as a technology hub within Europe and internationally, with a large, highly skilled workforce and clear government commitment to innovation – reflected by tax initiatives promoting R&D and foreign investment in the Irish economy,” said Keith Fingleton, Chief Information Officer of IDA Ireland.

In addition to IDA Ireland, the initiative is backed by a number of prominent Irish public and private bodies, including Enterprise Ireland, ConsenSys, and the Department of Finance. It will serve to better connect the public and the Irish blockchain sector.

The platform will provide information on setting up a business in Ireland, available services and support for blockchain projects, upcoming blockchain events within the country, as well as an overview of the key domestic and international stakeholders within the blockchain ecosystem.

Blockchain startup ConsenSys recently announced its expansion to Ireland with plans to open Dublin Innovation Studio.

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Jeudi 14 Juin 2018

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