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Jeudi 26 Avril 2012

Investment in Switzerland

The highly competitive nature of business today demands a careful evaluation of the choice of location from where to do business. Advantages and benefits of locations should be taken into consideration in order to fully exploit the potential and value of your business. Switzerland clearly offers one of the most advantageous business environments in the world.

It is not only the location in the heart of Europe but also a number of other convincing reasons that make Switzerland a very attractive location from which to conduct your local and global business. In addition to soft factors such as high living standards and a multicultural, multilingual and international living environment, the following particular aspects have traditionally convinced both the investors and the employees to focus on Switzerland:
- An outstanding infrastructure making the rest of the world easily accessible
- A well-educated, multi-lingual and flexible labor force ensuring high productivity
- A highly competitive and stable economy with a strong currency as well as a stable political system
- Close ties with the EU, enabling Switzerland to benefit from most of the advantages available to EU member countries
- Low taxation with various tax planning possibilities
- An efficient capital market and a highly professional international banking and finance system
- World-renowned universities, technical institutes, R&D institutions and technology clusters
- An incomparable quality of life for private individuals and families, which is for example reflected in high-quality housing, personal safety, and a world-class health care and education system.

Doing business and investing in Switzerland involves a large number of strategic decisions and administrative tasks. Due to our experience, the well-established network and our concentrated know-how, KPMG Switzerland is well placed to professionally assess your needs and support your decisions with a sustainable impact on your future success. Comprehensive advice on your specific issues should always be sought before implementing any plan to invest in Switzerland. Our country specialists are looking forward to assisting you with your investment into Switzerland.

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