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Jeudi 26 Mai 2016

Inventor of PEDDaL® System Claims Blockchain Patents

An inventor has come forward to release information that he developed the original concept of a blockchain for a system named Public Electronic Document Dating List (PEDDaL®), and has been issued multiple patents that fully support this position.

The PEDDaL® system predates the Satoshi Nakamoto paper, that was published October 31, 2008 and which is widely credited as enabling Bitcoin’s popularity through a blockchain ledger. Patent Marketing, LLC, which represents the inventor, has stated that the blockchain concept was formally submitted to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on April 25, 2008, predating the Nakamoto paper by more than 6 months. This patent was then issued as US 7,904,450.

The concept, described in this patent and other related patents, uses the terms "DDL edition chain", "chained DDL editions" and "iterative chaining", which embody the same concept of blockchaining that was later taught in the Nakamoto paper. The term "blockchain" was developed some time after the publication of the Nakamoto paper, and so does not appear in either that document nor in the original PEDDaL® patent.

The PEDDaL® system uses compact records that register digital fingerprints (hash function message digests) for documents stored external to the blockchain, rather than pushing document contents into the blocks. This maintains confidentiality of document contents and permits registration of millions of documents per block, without bloating the chain. PEDDaL® can be used to establish proof of both date-of-existence and content integrity, for important legal and technical documents and also website pages.

Continuing applications are being filed that will support the inventorship of the platform technology now known as blockchaining.

The current set of patents that will help in understanding this platform are as follows:
US 9,330,216
US 9,053,142
US 8,903,838
US 8,694,473
US 8,135,714
US 7,904,450

For further information on these patents and contact information, please see:

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