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How to make the most of your ERP implementation

By Collin Govender, VP Systems integration at T-Systems in South Africa

Collin Govender
Collin Govender
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions are one of the most widely used enterprise software solutions in the world, and in recent years vendors have developed scalable solutions for the mid-market as well as for Small to Medium Enterprise (SME), which have become known as ‘flavours’ of ERP. ERP solutions are undoubtedly powerful and include a host of features and functionality, and yet many organisations fail to leverage significant business value from their investment.

When ERP implementations fail, regardless of the ‘flavour’ or the size of the organisation it is implemented in, several common factors emerge. These include executive leadership and sponsorship, change management and data quality. Technology, no matter how powerful, is nothing but an enabler, and if the building blocks for success are not put into place at the outset, organisations will see their expensive and time-consuming IT projects, including ERP, fail.


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Mardi 22 Octobre 2013