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How ready is your global leadership team?

This diagnostic will help you assess whether your top leadership team has the three attributes that are essential to its effectiveness.

How ready is your global leadership team?

Total score of 15 to 35:
Your team may be highly successful in mature, non-volatile markets, but you may be caught off-guard in new markets or as new contenders challenge you in your home market. Consider mapping your current and planned business areas against the knowledge and global mindset of your team, and invest in the team’s ability to consider alternative scenarios. Revisit your charter and define the unique responsibility of this team. Watch your standard way of interacting and practice more flexible reactions. These can all be done with intervention and practice. Your major risks are groupthink and missing developments that can catch you unaware.

Total score of 35 to 55:
Your team is working, but you’re missing some opportunities to raise your effectiveness. Consider ways to elevate your performance by increasing your clarity of purpose, practicing new ways of keeping your eyes on the future or learning different ways to work together. For example, have the team meet in unfamiliar contexts to confront the reality of new markets, and think about the future there. Your risk is staying in the midrange while more agile and informed companies overtake you.

Total score of 55 to 75:
Your team has most of the pieces in place to achieve high performance. Continue to work on staying flexible and finding new ways of ensuring the future is in the room. You might focus more on understanding emerging competitors, as their approaches and business models are most likely to produce something unexpected. Be aware of habits that may hinder agility. Your greatest danger now is a slowdown in your own development due to complacency.

Article from Accenture Outlook Journal (March 2012)
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Vendredi 23 Mars 2012

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