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Jeudi 30 Juin 2016

High Demand for Blockchain Developer Training after First Cohort Starts

More than 50 software engineers from 20 countries and 4 continents are currently expanding their knowledge of Blockchain technology.

London-based education startup B9lab launched their first online Certified Ethereum Developer Training in June, with the second cohort following in July. Nurturing a strong developer community is absolutely paramount for Ethereum, especially in the context of the $60 million attack on TheDAO, the decentralized, auto-executing investment fund that raised $150 million this year.

Ethereum and the wider field of Blockchain technology has been spreading unease in financial circles for a while. Many observers think that is is going to fundamentally impact the whole of the internet. Why? Blockchain technology enables transparent, tamper-proof systems that facilitate transactions between machines without a central clearinghouse.

Banks and other financial institutions are not idle. Their role as central intermediaries might be threatened by the technology but in the same time its development opens up many other options.

There are between 9 to 12 millions Java developers in the world, at this stage in the blockchain industry we are closer to one thousand. B9lab has designed its MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) with the goal to train and certify an additional 1,000 by the end of this year and more than 15,000 developers by 2018.

Online “Certified Ethereum Developer Training” opens second cohort - starting 12th of July

With the certified online training B9lab is reacting to the growing interest in Blockchain technology and the necessity to train more Blockchain experts all over the world.

The training course is 9 weeks long and teaches participants how to build decentralized applications running on the Ethereum blockchain. Elias Haase, Founder of B9lab: “Ethereum and Blockchain technology in general has a massive potential. We are seeing a rise in demand for well trained developers in the market. Organizations are more and more interested in the technology. This is exactly why we developed this offer.”

Besides learning about cryptocurrencies and the concept of smart contracts students learn about Ethereum’s most important programming language, Solidity, as well as how to use web3 and the truffle framework. During the course of the training students build their very own fully functional decentralized application. Students are fully supported by B9lab’s course team as well as their peers and the wider Ethereum community.

The cost for the course is €995. “Sure, the course is not cheap. But when you think about it in the context of the average day rate for a Blockchain developer, which is around €700, this is an investment that pays off very quickly.”, says Haase.

Furthermore it is often the companies themselves that invest in the training of their teams.

The second cohort of the training starts on July 12, 2016. Further information and registration here:

About B9lab
B9lab is the independent provider of quality education, advice and research around blockchain technology and decentralized applications.
Our clients are leading global institutions as well as talented independent developers around the world.

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