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HedgeTrade Launches Free-to-Join Social Trading Platform

The platform’s “learn and earn” environment more essential than ever in light of global market uncertainties.

HedgeTrade, the world leader in crypto social trading, is happy to announce the full launch of their platform. Having released its invitation-only-Beta in December 2019, HedgeTrade initiated its public-Beta in March 2020. Thousands of people have registered and have been actively using the platform, forming a dynamic community of trading experts and novices posting and purchasing prediction “Blueprints” -- with earning potential on all sides of the model.

HedgeTrade is a user-friendly, engaging open market for trading insights that aligns the goals of expert and amateur users. It allows experienced traders to earn HEDG tokens by publishing and selling prediction Blueprints and staking HEDG to back up their forecasts. They can then build a reputation based on a unique ranking system that measures the quality of their predictions. Novice users benefit by purchasing or unlocking the Blueprints -- which are trading predictions with specific entry and exit points -- that can be used to make their own cryptocurrency trades. If the prediction proves correct, the trader who created it gets their stake back and earns the proceeds from the purchasers. Otherwise, the Blueprint buyers will be refunded their tokens, with the first group of buyers earning a share of the lost stake as well.

“The HedgeTrade platform was built for and by traders as a place for crypto trading novices and experts to come together, share ideas, and earn tokens,” David Waslen, CEO & Co-Founder of HedgeTrade said. “In times of global economic uncertainty, people are looking for reliable information and our platform is all about transparency. You can always check the performance of users posting Blueprints and with the way our rewards are set up, users only pay for useful, accurate predictions.”

HedgeTrade has worked closely with its community and based on their feedback added a leaderboard function so you can see at a glance the top-performing traders on the platform. The leaderboard can be sorted by Success Rate, Average Profit Potential, Blueprints Closed, and HEDG Earned.

HedgeTrade has also recently added a Follow Trader function so users can stay aware of when their favorite traders have posted new Blueprints. Email and in-app notifications let traders know when they have a new follower, when their Blueprint has been bought, and when each prediction closes.

In preparation for this full public launch, the HedgeTrade platform has been completely reoptimized for stability and scalability, allowing thousands of users to utilize the platform simultaneously.

HedgeTrade sets itself above other copy trading platforms because it offers a superior level of transparency and accountability. Users can track a trader’s success rate before choosing to purchase a Blueprint. Moreover, when a user buys a Blueprint that is not correct, they get their money back and a chance to make a profit from the trader’s lost stake. In that way, users only pay for good information.

The HedgeTrade ecosystem is fueled by HEDG, an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum Blockchain. HEDG tokens (currently Top 25 on CoinMarketCap) are earned by posting accurate trading predictions and also through the platform's Affiliate Program, which rewards content publishers and market experts for sending users to register for the platform. Users may withdraw their HEDG tokens at any time and send them to a supported exchange to sell or trade into another digital currency. Bitcoin is also accepted at HedgeTrade as payment for publishing or purchasing prediction Blueprints.

To join the HedgeTrade community, sign up at Then, follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date.

About HedgeTrade Pte. Ltd.
HedgeTrade is a social trading platform that rewards those who post accurate predictions. The model creates a win-win scenario for both amateur and expert traders by rewarding those who submit accurate predictions and ensuring users have access to high-quality data to execute their own successful traders, while only paying when the prediction is correct.

HedgeTrade is brought to you by Rublix Development, a software development company that is building blockchain-powered tools to fuel the next generation of FinTech projects.

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Jeudi 18 Juin 2020

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