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GfK Purchasing Power France 2013

France ranks at place 9 among the 42 coun-tries examined. The national per capita purchasing power – that is the available net income – corresponds to €19,565 per capita. This is a total sum of almost 1,234 billion Euros for all 63.1 million inhabitants of France* combined.

With €19,565 per capita, the French rank just slightly above the inhabitants of Finland (€19,445) and behind the national average in Germany (€20,621). For the second year in a row, France ranks at place 9 after Germany. The European purchasing power index for France is 151.8 (100 correspond to the European per capita average): the average French in-habitant has 1.5 times the purchasing power of the average European citi-zen.

GfK Purchasing Power France 2013

The region Ile-de-France concentrates almost a fifth of the French popula-tion and 22% of the disposable income of the country. On average a “Fran-cilien”, an inhabitant of the most populous and richest region of France, has almost 20% more than the average French citizen. The second-ranked region, Rhone-Alpes, displays only a slightly above average value. The other 20 regions with almost one third of the population are under average.

GfK Purchasing Power France 2013

About the study
Purchasing power is a measure of per-capita disposable income (including any received state benefits) after the deduction of taxes and charitable contributions. The study indicates per-person, per-year purchasing power levels in euros and as an index value. GfK purchasing power figures reflect the nominal disposable income, meaning that the values have not been adjusted for inflation. The study draws on statistics on income and tax lev-els, government benefits and forecasts by economic institutes.
GfK purchasing power is used by the population for consumer purchases as well as recurring monthly expenses such as rent, energy costs, contribu-tions to private retirement funds and insurance policies as well as other expenses such as traveling and transportation costs.
The GfK Purchasing Power Europe study is calculated annually for 42 Eu-ropean countries, providing comprehensive coverage down to the level of municipalities and postcodes. The 2013/2014 study also includes data on inhabitants and households and is available immediately via GfK’s geomar-keting solution area. GfK also offers seamlessly fitting digital maps for all of Europe.
Internationally active companies need accurate predictions of the amount of money available to consumers in their markets. GfK Purchasing Power Europe provides this information and supports expansion planning, branch network optimization and controlling.

GfK Purchasing Power France 2013

About GfK
GfK is one of the world’s largest research companies, with around 13,000 experts working to discover new insights into the way people live, think and shop, in over 100 markets, every day. GfK is constantly innovating and using the latest technologies and the smartest methodologies to give its clients the clearest understanding of the most important people in the world: their customers. In 2012, GfK’s sales amounted to €1.51 billion.

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