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Mercredi 11 Juillet 2018

Future Money, Future Wealth: Third Annual World Blockchain Forum comes to London this September

Curating this year’s most influential blockchain and bitcoin events in Miami and Dubai, Keynote continued its success in Manhattan’s Midtown, with the seventh World Blockchain Forum event held in New York.

With a new focus on security tokens and financial regulation, this is the first time Keynote has delivered one of its powerhouse events in the New York. The industry-leading event attracted attendees from Washington, DC to Wall Street to engage in highly-charged political, regulatory and social debates over the current and future impacts of the industry on traditional finance and investment models.

Held at Manhattan’s Metropolitan West, an exciting two-day agenda included candid presentations from Slava Rubin, founder at IndieGoGo, Halsey Minor, founder at Salesforce, Diego Gutierrez, founder at RSK Labs, among many more. Attendees were given a comprehensive introduction to security tokens, subjects covering not only blockchain and financial regulation but the complexities of Wall Street, offering invaluable insight into the future of securitisation. Specially crafted ICO panels enabled engaging, open discussions to introduce new projects moderated by Jason King, Moe Levin and Peter Smyrniotis.

Among the immersive presentations and panel discussions, several exciting announcements were made at the inaugural WBF: New York event:
- Polymath unveiled a working demo of their platform to launch a Security Token in a few simple steps.
- Victory Square-sponsored ICO Pitch Panel Contest announced three winners of their $100,000 prize pool: W12, Fans Unite, and Climate Futures
- Jason King introduced Kingsland University and its flagship blockchain developer program, the world’s first accredited training program for blockchain.
- Indiegogo shared their vision of the future of funding through their platform.
- Dan Held shared their institutional grade trading product for hedge funds and banks.

In a saturated environment of corporate blockchain events, WBF maintains its 7-year long ambition to connect individuals and develop international relationships, aiming to provide a personal and rewarding experience long term.

As a continuation of this commitment, Keynote today announces their annual return to host WBF: London from September 3rd-5th, with early bird tickets on sale now.

“As a global leader in blockchain events, it’s important for us to continue to stay ahead of the industry curve, and this has been proven with WBF: New York’s focus on securitization as the financial landscape turns toward blockchain. We are honoured to once more welcome our growing community to London for our annual WBF event in September,” said Moe Levin, Founder and CEO of Keynote.

For Keynote’s next upcoming conference visit:
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About Keynote
Keynote was launched in 2012 by blockchain strategist Moe Levin.
Further information and details about Keynote and their events can be found at

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