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Flashloans Launches DeFi Platform

DeFi tool enables people to create a flash loan with an easy UI to profit from digital currency arbitrage opportunities and collateral swaps that are currently only available to developers.

Flashloans today announced it has launched an online platform that enables people without knowledge of Solidity programming to execute a flash loan and profit from arbitrage opportunities. The DeFi tool aims to ensure market discrepancies and premiums paid for certain tokens on digital asset exchanges are eliminated.

Flashloans has been designed so that anyone with a Web 3.0 wallet can connect to the platform and gain access to the liquidity needed to execute profitable arbitrage trades. The platform enables people to borrow large sums of money and only execute profitable trades. The proprietary analytics page designed by Flashloans allows traders to view potential buy and sell opportunities on different digital asset exchanges in real time.

David Pedrini, Founder, All too often the DeFi sector has built products for engineers or technology specialists without taking into account the complexity of the user experience. Flashloans aims to solve the real problem of exchange premiums and asset inequalities by providing the tools for anyone to engage with DeFi and execute arbitrage opportunities to create a fairer more level trading ecosystem.
Opportunities can be researched using the DeFi analytics tool featured on the website. Instead of researching individual exchange websites, members can view aggregated data for trading opportunities. The site will then offer a selection of processes to select from to begin building a Flash loan-backed trade. This includes a list of liquidity suppliers, exchanges and DeFi lending sites (in order to self-liquidate a loan position). Once this has been selected, users can then select from a list of tokens which they wish to trade between. Depending on their membership level, the community’s token holders are rewarded with reduced fees, access to arbitrage analytics and insights accompanied with automated trading tools.

Flashloans is a decentralised finance platform that allows people to create and perform a flash loan backed trades from an easy to use UI. Using Ethereum blockchain technology, retail traders can identify arbitrage opportunities and only execute profitable trades. Following an oversubscribed fundraising, Flashloans is backed by some of the industry’s leading VCs and investors that include: Kangoroo Capital, Chateu Crypto, IDC Group, OIG Group, DuckDAO, Ferrum, True PNL, Sparkpoint and IBC group.


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Dimanche 20 Mars 2022

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