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Finance Leaders Need to Embrace Creativity. And Fast!

By Jim Kaitz, President & CEO, AFP.

Mention the words “finance” and “creativity” in the same breath, and you’ll likely be greeted with a skeptical squint, a doleful eyeroll or a blank stare. Let’s face it—the finance department does not typically carry a reputation of innovation, daring or creativity. But for any business that wants to compete and thrive in today’s economy, that has to change.

Simply put, CFOs and the people who report to them need to start thinking and acting like visionaries—the way many artists, entrepreneurs and inventors do. They need to take more risks, engage in more bold thinking and take a more creative, innovative approach to finance. Today’s nonstop, manic, unpredictable business climate simply won’t tolerate a finance function stuck in the 20th century. Tasked with growing the business in different ways, finance professionals should think differently...

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Jeudi 21 Avril 2016

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