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Factors Chain International (FCI) : Guide to the Establishment of a Factoring Operation

Factors Chain International (FCI) is pleased to announce the creation of a comprehensive 80-page “Guide to the Establishment of a Factoring Operation”. The Guide has been developed by some of the most experienced people in the factoring industry and is meant to assist investors and financial institutions in setting up a real “factoring” operation, distinctly different from receivables financing and other products which lean more towards banking than factoring.

Having spoken and visited many such "prospective members", FCI has learned that banks or companies are often prepared to pay significant sums of money to "consultants" for assistance in the establishment of a factoring operation. Some of the "consultants" may be uniquely qualified to provide such assistance, but more likely the "consultants" are not familiar with factoring themselves and have to obtain the necessary information and input from third parties, with FCI very high on the list.

The Guide which is now available is NOT a blueprint for a new factoring operation that can be followed and implemented blindly. But it offers a unique introduction of topics which MUST be considered when starting a factoring operation. If an organisation would be interested in buying the Guide, for internal use, FCI is prepared to make a personalised copy available at a price of EUR 4,000. This price may seem very substantial, but is a fraction of the price charged by a typical "consultant" for producing a similar document. Moreover, FCI is of the opinion that the accumulated know-how of the FCI members who authored the Guide far surpasses what, on average, a consultant or consultancy firm could offer.

For organisations which purchase the Guide and subsequently decide to apply for FCI membership (and are accepted as such by the FCI Executive Committee), 50% of the purchase price of the Guide will be deducted from the first applicable membership fee. In other words, EUR 2,000 will be "reimbursed".

If an organisation is interested in the Guide, please contact FCI per letter, fax or e-mail. In that case FCI will ask you to sign a "Statement of Confidentiality", after which your will be sent a payment instruction. After receipt of the EUR 4,000, a personalised copy of the Guide will be sent to you by DHL Courier Service.

In case of any questions, please don't hesitate to call FCI for further information :
Mr. Jeroen Kohnstamm
Secretary General
Factors Chain International
Keizersgracht 559
1017 DR Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Tel: +31-(0)20-6270306
Fax: +31-(0)20-6257628

Mardi 22 Janvier 2008

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