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FY360° | Cloud, SaaS, XaaS, Multi-tenant? Who really cares in corporate treasury departments?

“If you can’t convince them, confuse them.” Garfield’s No1 strategy is increasingly being relied on in efforts to market system solutions in the area of treasury whenever this relates to attributes such as ‘The Cloud’ or ‘SaaS’.

I recently read a statement made by one provider claiming that an application is only SaaS if it can be opened on a mobile device, which of course is total nonsense. The use of, at best, misleading and often also completely implausible arguments and assertions obviously also erode the interest of the majority of financial officers in addressing the issue. This is a shame given that the right technologies, used in the right way, can deliver major benefits. But what is ‘right’ in this context?

An attempt at clarification

A server which is connected to the Internet is not automatically a cloud. Even two such servers don’t make up a cloud. It is possible however to ‘host’ a solution on such servers, and it is exactly this that some providers are referring to when they talk about a ‘cloud-based solution’...

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Jeudi 21 Mai 2015