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Euroclear welcomes Michael Shipton as Head of Corporate Technology

Euroclear SA/NV announces today that Michael Shipton will become Managing Director and Head of Corporate Technology for the Euroclear group, effective 1 October. Mr Shipton, who joins Euroclear from Swisscom, a leading IT services firm with a strong focus on the financial sector, will become a member of the Euroclear Group Management Team.

Michael Shipton
Michael Shipton
At Swisscom, Mr Shipton was a member of the Swisscom Group Executive Board and Chief Executive Officer of Swisscom IT Services Ltd in Berne which, with over 2,700 members of staff, is one of the largest IT service providers in Switzerland. During his 12 years at Swisscom, he has also acted as Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Information Officer. His 27-year career also includes various IT management functions in the telecommunications industry.

Michael Pilkington, Managing Director, who is currently Head of Corporate Technology at Euroclear, has decided to take a career break at the end of 2007 to pursue personal interests. In the future, he intends to resume his career in the financial sector. He joined Euroclear in 1997.

Commenting on the new appointment, Pierre Francotte, Chief Executive Officer of Euroclear SA/NV, said: “Expert use of technology is one of Euroclear’s pillars of strength and reputation. Michael Shipton brings extensive expertise and skill in this domain, much of it in areas of direct relevance to our business. We look forward to sharing his more than 25 years of IT knowledge with other members of the Management Team, particularly those responsible for delivering the our Single Platform and Common.

Communications Interface.”
“In wishing Michael Pilkington continued success,” Mr.Francotte continued, “I would like to acknowledge Michael’s strong leadership in the development of Euroclear’s IT function over the years and in contributing to the success of the Euroclear group during a very active period of cross-border integration. We will miss him.“

Euroclear is the world's largest provider of domestic and cross-border settlement and related services for bond, equity and fund transactions. User owned and user governed, the Euroclear group comprises the international central securities depository (CSD) Euroclear Bank, based in Brussels, as well as national CSDs Euroclear Belgium, Euroclear France, Euroclear Nederland and Euroclear UK & Ireland. In early 2007, Euroclear acquired EMXCo, the UK’s leading provider of investment-fund order routing. The total value of securities transactions settled by the Euroclear group is in excess of EUR 450 trillion per annum, while assets held for clients are valued at more than EUR 18 trillion. Euroclear Bank is rated AA+ by Standard & Poor's and Fitch Ratings.

Mardi 25 Septembre 2007

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