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Mardi 15 Mai 2012

Economically friendly or sustainable solution?

Is your organization truely environmentally friendly, or are you simply paying a premium price for mislabeled products and undelivered promises?

Shawn Casemore
Shawn Casemore
Be wary of any product that is promoted as “green,” as most are not, just ask Terra Choice. The most effective “green” solutions are often the easiest to invoke, already existant in premise and requiring little more than a shift in our thinking. Look at McMaster University as a great example. They began using bags and reusable totes in place of corrugated boxes for delivery of office supplies, reducing corrugated box consumption by some 10,000 boxes per year. A simple solution that required a minor alteration in process and a major shift in thinking.

So if you are trying to improve the sustainability of your business, don’t be swayed by advertising campaigns and glorified promotions. Focus on re-tooling your thought processes to identify simple, cost effective solutions that yeild the greatest possible results.

Having trouble getting started? Ask yourself these five questions:

1. Where is our greatest costs relative to waste and recycling today?

2. What solutions exist in practice that may reduce our waste (ask peers, suppliers, industry experts)?

3. How can we implement similar alterations to our process that are cost neutral and require a minimal shift in cultural thinking?

4. How can we test this process/alteration to proove our theory?

5. Can we capitalize on this to help others who have similar waste streams or patterns?

Shawn Casemore, President, Casemore and Co.

Economically friendly or sustainable solution?

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