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Distributed Studios Launches to Help Blockchain Companies Explain Their Products Through Video

It has become common to talk about the many ways in which blockchain can be described. Is it a giant spreadsheet in the sky? Is it simply a transfer-value protocol? What is a blockchain?

Then there's the need to explain the product companies are building on top of this revolutionary, if not hard to describe technology. Engineers spend weeks and months building their products, but when it comes time to explain how that product helps a customer, it can be difficult to articulate.

Distributed Studios was launched to make it much easier to explain a new product. Utilizing state-of-the-art sketchnote, whiteboard, and motion graphic videos, companies can now demonstrate what their product is, who is behind it, and how it can help customers with their own business.

The production company was launched by blockchain journalist Jacob Donnelly, who has contributed to sites including CoinDesk, Bitcoin Magazine, and Inside Bitcoins. He and the team behind Distributed Studios will work with companies hand-in-hand to first understand the product, write a script, storyboard it, and finally create a unique video.

"Having interviewed dozens of companies, I realized that entrepreneurs had difficulty succinctly explaining their product. My goal is to help companies that have built amazing products distill their message down to a few key points that can translate into a well designed explainer video," said Jacob Donnelly, Founder of Distributed Studios.

What sets Distributed Studios apart from freelancers and large scale agencies is the understanding of the blockchain and the types of products that companies in the space are launching. Unlike with other firms, there is no bait and switch where you work with a charming salesman and then the project is handed off to a junior associate. Every client works directly with the founder to understand what the business needs are and why a video can help.

The production team behind Distributed Studios has created hundreds of videos for companies in the fintech space over the past four years.

Here are some ways that a video can help:
- Reduce your acquisition cost by targeting product videos to the correct audience
- Create training materials both for internal uses as well as for customers
- Play them in pitch-decks as a way to easily explain your product to potential investors
- Show it at tradeshow booths so you can immediately get into the discovery stage of that client's needs

Ultimately, it's clear that video is one of the easiest ways to convey a message. Don't miss an opportunity to close a deal because your customer doesn't understand how you fit exactly into their needs. Get an explainer video made and start seeing an increase in sales conversions. Breaking the ice is the hardest part of sales; an explainer video by Distributed Studios can help get through the resistance.

For examples of previous work, please visit us at the link below. And feel free to reach out at any time with any questions by email at or by phone at 845-235-6470.

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