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Discussing challenges & opportunities for fintech adoption and Role of AI in operational and compliance strategy

MarketsandMarkets is organizing its 2nd Edition MarketsandMarkets AI & Fintech Conference in San Francisco on 16 th – 17 th May 2019, which will discuss the adoption of Fintech with the application of the trending technologies like AI, human digital interface, blockchain, quantum computing. With an attendance of experts from Financial institutions, regulations and compliance companies, start-ups and academic institutions, this two-day event will focus on power of financial technology, digital payment risks, breakthrough start-ups & innovation and challenges & opportunities in AI & Fintech.

San Francisco, February 4 - MarketsandMarkets presents to you the 2nd Edition of AI & Fintech Conference to be held on 16 th – 17 th May 2019, in San Francisco, CA. The 2-day event will host more than 25 expert speakers, 15+ sponsors, 150+ professionals working in Financial Institutions, Regulations & Compliance Companies, Start-Ups who are into AI, AI & Fintech, Payments, Fraud detection etc. and Academic Institutions.

While fintech has developed rapidly and has different focal points, for example, generous decrease in costs, separation of monetary organizations from the opposition and so on., it has a few dangers and vulnerabilities. Security and protection are the dangers to the rise of fintech. With the rise of fintech, more information is currently accessible in computerized designs, which makes it easier to investigate and produce experiences yet, in addition, makes the information more defenceless to security breach.

AI is very important for financial services firm because their major goal is risk & fraud detection and cost reduction. The major areas for successful integration of AI services to enhance the user experience are payments and digital transactions.

This 2-day conference will primarily focus on the power of financial technology, digital payment risks, a practice area of Fintech, breakthrough start-ups & innovation and challenges & opportunities in AI & Fintech. The expected attendance of 150+ delegates will include leading expert professionals from Financial Institutions, Regulation and compliance companies and Academic Institutions in USA working in Artificial Intelligence and Fintech.

The conference will serve as an exclusive platform for discussing the challenges for fintech adoption and Artificial Intelligence. Speaker organisations such as Barclays, Citibank, HSBC, US Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland, PWC, Royal Bank of Canada, Baypay and more will discuss adoption of Fintech, revolution of digitalization, the role of AI in operational and compliance strategy, chatbots and robotics application etc.

Marc Kaufman – Co-chair Blockchain IP Council, Chamber of Digital Commerce – Fintech sector IP attorney of the year, also named as one of the IAM 300 Top Patent Strategist. Mr. Kaufman focuses his practice in the area of Patent strategy and Intellectual Property in particular. He is speaking on The Patent Landscape Related to Blockchain Technology: An Emerging Risk or A Potential Opportunity?

Daniel Chatelain, CEO, Baypay - a payment and fintech industry executive focused on innovation and sitting on the board of directors or advisors of emerging companies, will be speaking/presenting on b[use case: Machine Learning applied to knowledge in Fintech and Financial Institutions.]b

Julapa Jagtiani, Senior Special Advisor, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia – a fellow member of the Wharton Financial Institutions Center, her recent research has focused on issues related to Fintech, use of alternative data and AI/ML in credit decisions, small business lending and community bank mergers. She will be speaking on The Roles of Alternative Data and AI/ML in Fintech Lending

Lilly Huang, Senior Vice President, Venture Capital Services, HSBC will speak on How HSBC work with Fintech companies to explore future of banking?

Alexander Koles, CEO, Founder and Managing Director, Evolve Capital Partners, will present on How AI is unlocking new lending opportunities when paired with alternative data sets?

The major highlights of the conference are, role of AI in operational and compliance strategy, Blockchain, cryptocurrency and quantum computing, Chatbots and robotics application and fintech start-ups and innovation.

The event overview, registration details and complete speaker list are available on the official website. You can also download the complete agenda to identify the potential interest in the conference on this page – or you can directly email on asking for more details, your queries and provide feedback.

Markets and Markets Conferences (MnM Conferences) produces global summits, congresses and conferences bringing together key industry experts from academia and industry, fostering the exchange of ideas and latest research through cutting edge conference programs, interactive panel and round table discussions. Conferences are currently held or planned in the UK, Europe, USA and across Asia.

Contact Person – Amit Shelke
Contact Number - +91 020 48598 285

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