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Different companies need different CFOs

CFOs are capable people. Sometimes, when a CFO is actively looking for their next opportunity, they are less selective in the type of company or CFO role that they choose. When they make a career choice that is not appropriate for them, they can spend years trying to repair the choice they made.

Samuel Dergel
Samuel Dergel
2013 has just started, and already there is new CFO oriented research that can help CFOs and the companies that hire them. Today’s CFO: While profile best suits your company? (Note: there is no charge for the report, but registration is required to download) by McKinsey & Company, identifies four profiles of today’s CFO:

- The finance expert
- The generalist
- The performance leader
- The growth champion.

Different companies need different CFOs

The McKinsey report, authored by Ankur Agrawal, John Goldie, and Bill Huyett, identifies which companies can best benefit from each of these profiles.

Agrawal et al. do realize that most CFOs do not fit precisely into each of these profiles, and have provided questions that CEOs and Boards should ask when beginning their search for their next Chief Financial Officer.

As an executive search specialist helping companies hire their next CFO, I find the report clear and concise. Reading this report can help CFOs better position themselves for the remainder of their career, and help CEOs and Boards hire the right person they need in the CFO chair.

What type of CFO are you?

Today’s CFO: While profile best suits your company?

Samuel Dergel, CPA, CA, CPC
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Lundi 21 Janvier 2013

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