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Deep-tech company is building the AIVERSE

European deep-tech company announces the upcoming launch of the AIVERSE, a multifaceted ecosystem that fuses artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to set the foundation which will unite AI developers, researchers, and consumers to easily adopt AI solutions, while guaranteeing safe and ethical usage.'s AIVERSE will address some of the major dysfunctions present in the current AI status quo. As AI is rapidly gaining traction all around the world, benefiting numerous industries and businesses, the team has made it its mission to assist the transition of artificial intelligence, AI models, and AI-based solutions from the centralized Web2 domain, where giants of the tech industry hold the reins to innovation development, to a decentralized environment, where artificial intelligence is becoming a democratized asset that is constantly monitored by real humans to ensure its ethical use.

By merging AI with blockchain, aims to give people control and ownership over the future evolution of the technology. The company's AIVERSE offers access to advanced technology, supporting people in building more agile solutions and the tech companies of the future.

"99% of the AIs that will define our future are not yet fully developed. In our AIVERSE, we aim to include solutions which are bold and mature enough to redefine our future reality with the help of artificial intelligence," said Sabin Dima,'s CEO.

"At, we continue our mission to expand the world of possibilities beyond imagination, creating real-life AI solutions for every human. Together, in a powerful ecosystem governed by the blockchain's inherent benefits, the universe of AIs will grow and become a part of our everyday lives, helping people and societies to function in a better world, where imagination is our only limit," added Sabin Dima.

The AIVERSE is populated with AIs for multiple use cases, empowering users to: speak any language, create in the Web3; have a unique Metaverse Avatar that looks like themselves; create the voice of a community, generate media with AI and bring a static images and NFTs to life and many more.

Building the AIVERSE is's response to some of the most pressing friction points that revolve around artificial intelligence such as ownership, ethics and securityThus, the team has made it its mission to improve the state of artificial intelligence at a global level.

About is creating an all-in-one platform for AI-based creation and governance at scale.'s unique consensus mechanism, Proof-of-Human, will be integrated to demonstrate there is a real human behind every AI, making it more secure and trustworthy.



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Mercredi 1 Février 2023

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