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Jeudi 18 Février 2016

Decentralized applications and sidechain platform Lisk is pleased to announce a partnership with the well-established crypto-currency exchange ShapeShift

Set to launch at the end of March 2016, decentralized applications and sidechain platform ‘Lisk’, is the next logical step in the evolution of blockchain technology. Lisk will allow rapid development of decentralized applications and custom blockchains, while keeping all projects and services managed by the Lisk team completely open source.

The next generation blockchain platform is backed by a transparent team; both Lisk CEO Max Kordek and Lisk CTO Olivier Beddows have worked together throughout the past year, and between them have a wealth of experience within the realm of decentralized application development.

Lisk utilizes JavaScript, the most popular programming language in the world, and will allow developers to build, publish, distribute and monetize their applications within the custom built crypto-currency powered system.

Lisk is pleased to announce a partnership with the reputable crypto-currency exchange platform ShapeShift delivers the necessary technology to participate with the biggest crypto-currencies in the Lisk Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

The ICO will start the 22nd of February 2016, and end the 21st of March 2016. Over the course of the initial coin offering 85,000,000 LISK will be distributed in partnership with ShapeShift. Accepted crypto-currencies during the ICO are Bitcoin (BTC), Crypti (XCR), Ethereum (ETH), and any accepted by ShapeShift.

Learn more about Lisk’s ICO here:

Crypto-currency enthusiasts and ICO participants alike, are welcome to try out some of Lisk’s features on the Lisk testnet web login, and receive testnet LISK currency to experiment with.

Lisk’s decentralized applications can be built from the ground up in pure Javascript, and take advantage of the powerful Lisk APIs. In addition, all dapps operate on their own sidechain to ensure that Lisk itself stays lean and efficient. In the client integrated Dapp Store, the first dapp has already been listed, a Lisk Guestbook in which everyone can leave a comment that is written to a custom sidechain.

Within the next few months, the Lisk team will introduce a multi-language user interface, a fully responsive design for mobile and tablet devices, implement IPFS as a dapp hosting method, and will drastically improve their own Dapp Store.

Their main focus is on custom blockchains for the Internet of Things market, and complex applications such as, decentralized games, exchanges, prediction markets or social networks.

Aspiring dapp developers can start learning how to code Lisk dapps, by reading the documentation section on the Lisk website.

About the Lisk team:

Lisk is a decentralized start-up founded by electrical engineering student and former NXT Organization CEO Max Kordek (CEO at Lisk), and Lisk CTO Olivier Beddows who has 15 years experience in developing web based e-commerce applications. The pair first worked together at the MIT licensed decentralized application platform Crypti, where they were both significant contributors and strong open source advocates.

With Lisk they propose an easier alternative to Ethereum, therefore thanks to the simplicity of the platform and its use of the JavaScript programming language, amateur programmers will now be able to develop their own dapps within a matter of hours.

For more information about Lisk please visit:
Lisk’s ICO details:
Experiment with Lisk’s testnet at:
To learn more about the Lisk team please go to:

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