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Danny Caduff new CFO of the Location Group Zurich

He moreover strengthens the consortium as a consultant to the retail trade on location issues. A native of Arosa, he was responsible until May 2008 for market expansion as a director of the international fashion jewelry and accessories group Claire's in Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Prior to that, Danny Caduff worked for 5 1/2 years in Florida for the Claire's group and implemented the strategic and operative integration of the consortium in Europe.

Danny Caduff
Danny Caduff
Simultaneously, Heinz Steiner also reinforces the team as a consultant to the retail trade on location issues. Since 1984, he played a key role in the success story of Minit 1 Foto and took over the management in 1992. As of autumn 2001, he has held various managerial positions at Claire's.

Location Group Zurich
The Location Group Zurich was founded in December 2005 by experienced real estate and retail experts in Zurich. The company offers retail businesses the necessary know-how and support for the expansion and implementation of new shopping areas and branch networks.

The Location Group Zurich experts provide business and property owners with the best market-oriented solutions - from the choice of partner, via procurement and sales advice, up to profitability analysis.

With respect to location development, the Location Group Zurich is on the lookout for underutilized locations with good development potential, which, provided that they are restructured according to modern standards, meet present-day demands.


Lundi 16 Juin 2008

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