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Vendredi 6 Juillet 2018

Cryptocurrency Research Launches on New Independent Research Platform

Analyst Hub, an independent research infrastructure platform company that provides sell-side analysts a path to owning their own enterprise, announced it has partnered with Satis Group to launch their cryptocurrency research product, beginning today.

“With our industry leading blockchain issuer advisory services, which covers everything from security token offerings to equity private placement, it only made sense to round out our offering with research on the wider environment of cryptocurrency and the extraordinary potential of security tokens now available to investors,” said Emma Channing, Founder and CEO for Satis Group. “We have great plans for how our research offering will evolve, and the best way for us to deliver compliant, subscription service-based research of the caliber clients expect throughout that evolution, was to work with Analyst Hub and their unique infrastructure platform.”

“Besides being an ideal platform on which traditional sell-side analysts can build their businesses, we’re excited to partner with Satis and to help distribute it to the proper channels,” said Mike Kronenberg, CEO of Analyst Hub. “The explosion of cryptocurrencies and security token offerings of blockchain businesses represents an amazing opportunity for our company to create an institutional caliber research product. We’re excited to work with the leading ICO advisory firm as they expand their client services.”

Satis Group’s Head of Research, Sherwin Dowlat, will manage the day-to-day cryptocurrency and blockchain analysis. He was formerly with Susquehanna International Group and Wedbush Securities and earned his degree from San Diego State University.

“We’re very pleased that Satis is the fourth entity to launch coverage on our platform, and with MiFID highlighting the structural flaws of the traditional model, we’ve got an incredibly robust pipeline of talent and expect to make a lot of exciting announcements in the coming months,” said Kronenberg.

Analyst Hub offers outsourced infrastructure and organizational support to facilitate the publishing and distribution of sell-side research at a cost platform scale advantage. Additionally, it handles all the middle and back office, provides experienced institutional sales and corporate access support to both originate and execute on non-deal road shows, small conferences and other high value corporate marketing.

About Analyst Hub
Founded in early 2018, Analyst Hub is an independent research infrastructure platform company that provides talented sell-side analysts a path to owning their own enterprise. The company’s turn-key solution offers essential institutional infrastructure tools, compliance, experienced institutional sales, corporate access support and marketing.

About Satis Group
Satis Group LLC is affiliated as d/b/a with Corinthian Partners LLC (Member FINRA and SIPC), an asset management investment bank and broker-dealer. As a registered broker-dealer, Satis is one of the few groups that can compliantly operate in the burgeoning Security Token Offering space in the US. The Satis team brings significant expertise to the space and speaks and keynotes regularly at conferences and panels in the US and beyond (BTC Miami, SXSW, eMerge Americas, Fluidity, Money Summit, LendIt, Security Token Academy, Summit, Blockchain Economy World Tour, Blockchain Revolution with Don Tapscott, etc.).

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