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Mercredi 18 Novembre 2009

Corporate LinX - Simplified implementation and processing for cost effective dematerialised Reverse Factoring initiatives when managed in ‘SaaS’ mode

The dematerialisation of Supply Chain transactions leading to Reverse Factoring implementation is facilitated by using a transactional Portal managed as a ‘SaaS’.

SaaS today
Judging by the need for providing attractive short term credit with their suppliers ; large Corporate are electing technical solutions easily and promptly implemented.

‘SaaS’ initially defined as Software as a Service is evolving towards Solution as a Service. Beyond the availability of a technical solution, an array of services is now requested by the client organisation.

Responsabilities in respect of availability, technical assistance, management of the application, etc are nowadays required from the service provider like Corporate LinX offering such services.

Corporate LinX has selected the IBM shared infrastructure for hosting its Portal ; as optimal guarantees such as availability, security and resilience are delivered. The technical relationship is being handled by IBM’s partner, Aspaway.

Beyond technical considerations, the SaaS mode is enabling within weeks rapid and simple programme implementation even in the case of complex initiatives such as Reverse Factoring. The technical solution being already operational, document dematerialisation can begin between any buyer organisation and its suppliers. Should the Buyer require participation from financial institutions participation, they are either already connected with the Portal or can start online financing within days.

SaaS versus software license
Solutions running in SaaS mode are being favoured as opposed to traditional software licence integration within Buyer’s technical infrastructure.
Large groups are managing numerous strategic projects with varied lead times for any new software integration. Should the Buyer be keen to assist suppliers within a short time frame, the subscription to a ‘nearly-ready-to-go’ technology for its own organisation avoids a long integration project combined with purchasing additional servers.

Fabien Jacquot, Corporate LinX CEO says : « Essentially for security reasons, large groups’ procedures may dictate purchasing technology or local installation. We are therefore also marketing licences of our Portal designed for integrating and interfacing into complex existing technical environments (ERP, e-proc, EDI, etc)”. Fabien adds: “Organisations wishing to test or run a limited pilot can test the Portal in ‘SaaS’ at little costs”.

In economic terms, not only ‘SaaS’ does not require investing in hardware but also avoids purchasing a software licence. The service subscription monetary amount is based on the contract duration and charges actual transactions being processed. Attaining ROI objectives is there achieved quicker. Subscription fees are growing in accordance with the project’s success.

Application usage in SaaS is growing fast for nearly all types of technical solutions. The document dematerialisation trend is benefiting from the availability of ‘SaaS’ solutions like Coporate LinX’s dedicated Portal.

Fast implementation combined with low upfront cost are no small arguments in today’s world dictating fast ROI. However, clients can ultimately test the application in SaaS and decide to purchase a software licence. Rapid development of varied Reverse Factoring initiatives is surfing on the availability of technology in SaaS. To conclude, one has to bear in mind that technology is not a ‘do-it-all’; clients’ objectives and constraints require expert handling to guarantee the success of the project.
Corporate LinX’s management expertise, coupled with their own technology offer clients the perfect solution!

Fabien Jacquot
+33 (0)1 79 30 17 60.


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