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Jeudi 12 Avril 2018

Coinsuper and BitUN Announce Strategic Partnership

Coinsuper, Hong Kong's crypto banking & asset exchange expert, and BitUN, a leading private bank of blockchain assets, have announced a strategic partnership agreement. Coinsuper and BitUN will join forces to strengthen long-term cooperation across all trading and customer services, and integrate both parties' advantages on technology, products & services, platform resources and others, jointly expanding the global blockchain asset market.

Security upgrade
Coinsuper is building a preferred, expanding list of cryptocurrencies, based on qualified, separate public chains, aimed at providing a greater choice of cryptocurrencies to investors. Linking with BitUN's powerful cross-chain storage network, it can now offer best service, one-stop cryptocurrency storage services well. Coinsuper will adopt BitUN's leading multi-layer technology solution for hot and cold wallet separation, thereby ensuring investor transaction and digital asset security.

High-speed trading
Coinsuper will adopt BitUN's advanced network technology to enhance users' assets transferring procedure and efficiency. This technology provides speedy and secure cross-chain asset clearing and settling so as to shorten the time between currency deposit and withdrawal to milliseconds.

Fee reductions
Coinsuper and BitUN plan to connect their platforms, enabling users from either platform to withdraw and exchange digital currencies in a speedy and barrier-free environment, without the complexities of re-registration and identity verification. This advances greatly facilitates the initial steps for institutional investors to participate in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, while the benefits for individual investors will be in reduced administrative fees.

"We're excited to partner with BitUN to provide our clients with a novel and more versatile platform. Our clients will enjoy a more efficient, secure and precise experience with the ever-changing cryptocurrency market. Coinsuper will continue to take the lead to drive a safe, stable, healthy and efficient development of the industry," said Kenny Shih, the Executive Director of Coinsuper.

About BitUn
BitUN Fintech Pte. Ltd., in Singapore, is an assets management and technology finance company dedicated to providing distributed digital services to people around the world.
BitUN, a Private Bank of Blockchain Assets, features a Cross-chain Wallet based on Lightning Network 2.0 Technology, and a Smart Contract empowered on-chain ICO Store.

About Coinsuper
Coinsuper is a leading digital asset trading platform. Based in H.K.,we are an elite global team with extensive experience in financial advisory, compliance, wealth management and most importantly, cryptocurrency and financial technology.

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