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Mercredi 27 Février 2019

Chaineum partner of White Deck of Security Token Network

The blockchain and crypto-assets have made a lot of noise in recent years. It is certainly thanks to the development of the technology, to the use cases, but also thanks to ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings), these crypto-asset fund raisings which are similar to IPOs.

Like IPOs, ICOs have allowed great flexibility in the creation of projects and businesses in the blockchain via what is called a "Utility Token". But this asset does not give any voting rights, does not pay dividends, or any other type of rights (ownership, governance).

After a year and a half of fervor, regulatory work all over the world and adoption of this means of financing (nearly 16 billion dollars raised worldwide), the movement has finally run out of steam especially because of the lack of control investors had on the decisions of these blockchain entrepreneurs. Many companies have not delivered their promise, some investors but also companies have lost a lot because of the fall in the price of cryptocurrencies, and all this has contributed to the loss of confidence from investors that were so far at the heart of investments in these asset classes.

With the arrival of the asset class of Security Tokens, another fervor of a magnitude that seems to be even more substantial grows. Indeed, by its regulated nature, Security Tokens are de facto much safer for investors. Whether it is "full shares", or simply shares linked to a dividend, or a voting right, we are getting closer to traditional financing methods. This is an entirely different type of opportunity for companies, but also for institutional investors since companies that use this type of operation are generally already established.

However, the way to conduct an STO (Security Token Offering) is still globally blurred. Therefore, after having initiated the first charter of best practices for ICOs (icocharter.eu) in October 2017, Chaineum is actively involved in the establishment of the new public support that is the White Deck (link below), in order to provide the entire blockchain industry with a first idea of the execution process.

For this type of operation, where it is important to be surrounded by experts, Chaineum offers professional and personalized support according to the needs of its customers thanks, in particular, to the network of Security Token Network partners to which Chaineum contributes.

White Deck

Finyear & Chaineum

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