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CashGuard shows new cash management solution during EuroShop

CashGuard invites you to our booth, G69, Hall 6, to experience our new cash management solution for the retail industry. The new solution is called Monero and it is available for demonstrations during the whole EuroShop week.

With more than 20 years’ experience with cash management in the retail industry, we are confident that Monero will bring a new management experience for retailers, as well as consumers.

“CashGuard is the leading innovator in the cash management industry,” says Roine Gabrielsson, CashGuard CEO. “With Monero, we continue to set the standard for efficient, reliable and modern cash management solutions for retailers around the world.”

CashGuard automates the cash payment process
CashGuard’s solutions automate and seal the cash payment process, from the point of sale to cash pick-up. Retailers that use CashGuard can cut their time spent on handling cash by 50% and cut cash-related costs by 30%.
With the automation, the improvements in security and the savings of time and money, a CashGuard solution makes cash a competitive payment method for the retailers. It offers retailers the opportunity to focus on their business and their customers. CashGuard takes care of the cash.
CashGuard is the only company in the industry that specialises in cash management solutions for the retail industry. Retailers that choose CashGuard enjoy increased revenue, lowered costs, better customer service and increased security for both employees and customers.

Monero gives retailers more choices
Monero is a great compliment to our Premium solution that has a proven track record of providing efficient cash management to retailers globally. CashGuard solutions are present in some 25 countries, and more than five million retail consumers use CashGuard every day.
By adding Monero to our portfolio, we believe we offer retailers more choices in what type of cash management solution works best for their specific needs. Monero has a distinct design, where we have included interactive guiding lights to guide the customer and we have designed a different display than in the Premium solution. Monero also features a different kind of interaction with the cashier and the store manager. The new interaction and the added capabilities of our software, Monero is particularly suitable for large retailers. As with all CashGuard solutions, Monero is tamper-proof, supports ink-dyeing and validation technology and increases security for both customers and retailers.
Both Monero and Premium feature our Store Manager software that counts and tracks the money and produces electronic reports. Since neither the manager nor the staff is occupied with handling the cash, they can focus on running the business and on their customers. They also don’t have to stay after closing to count the cash. It’s done automatically – and always correctly.
If you want to know more about how CashGuard’s cash management solutions can help you improve retail business, visit us in our booth! Hall 6, G69.

CashGuard specialises in cash management solutions for the retail industry. The company was founded in 1991, and has since then grown into a market leader for cash management in the retail field. CashGuard’s mission is to create a world class point of sale experience for customers, while offering retailers the best solutions for preventing shrinkage, tracking cash flow and optimising business performance. More than five million retail customers in 25 countries use CashGuard and there are almost 25,000 systems
operating globally. CashGuard is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden and is a wholly owned subsidiary of PSI Group. Go to www.cashguard.com for more information.

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Jeudi 13 Février 2014

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