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CannDollar Announces Launch of Silver-Backed Stablecoin on Major Exchanges

CannDollar, a blockchain-based, silver-backed digital currency is now launching on cryptocurrency exchanges spanning more than 35 countries. Through CannDollar’s integration on BitGo’s multi-currency platform, the most secure, compliant and best technology platform for digital currencies, customer’s now have the use of silver as a medium of exchange and store of value in a stablecoin form.

CannDollar, located in Toronto, Canada, is physical silver in a digital wallet, joining the benefits of blockchain technology with a precious metal. This silver, backing each CannDollar token in issue, will be purchased directly from the Royal Canadian Mint or through the Mint’s dealer network and acquired at the lowest market price available. CannDollar will be issuing 500 million tokens this year with BitGo as the depository of these tokens and the Royal Canadian mint as the depository/custodian of the physical ounces of silver. Together this makes CannDollar the best of class stable coin.

Rebecca Enwia, Co-Founder & Partner of CannDollar says “CannDollar is compatible with all investment banks, financial institutions and central banks, it will be dealt with as an asset or reserve and will be the safe haven of all crypto currencies. Currently we are in starting procedures to list with LATOKEN, Celsius and other reputable regulated exchanges and platforms”

Abdel Mohammed, Founder & Managing Director of CannDollar says “Digital currencies, central banks and stable coins were some of the hottest topics in Davos. This is an exciting time for CannDollar. Not only are we launching one of the most stable digital currencies with our Continuous Token Offering, but now with our alliance with BitGo, the availability of CannDollar stablecoins is truly global.”

CannDollar uses an open platform connected to multiple exchanges which allows for greater liquidity, larger markets and an unlimited number of users. No other tokenized precious metal provider meets the same international standards for transparency, trust, and continuity as CannDollar.

Recently, there has been a rise in the need for a token that is linked to a stable unit of value (‘stablecoin’) and to fiat-backed cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, these types of tokens lack decentralization and have not been able to provide enough confidence in the market regarding location of their reserves or accessibility for redemption of the underlying asset. CannDollar is positioned to replace these types of cryptocurrencies with a transparent, trusted, asset-backed token that can be used on all exchanges and by all cryptocurrency participants, more effectively than any other token on the market today.

With its ease of use through partnerships with credit and debit cards, an eWallet platform, accessibility on global exchanges and security-first approach to the management of client assets to ensure maximum protection against the risk of any loss, CannDollar is truly digital currency refined.

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Mercredi 6 Février 2019

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