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Canada | CFO Moves – week ending April 8, 2016

Tracking CFO Movement Across Canada.

SNC-Lavalin [MONTREAL] (TSX: SNC) announced that Sylvain Girard has been appointed as Executive Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer, succeeding Alain-Pierre Raynaud who is leaving the company. Mr. Girard joined SNC-Lavalin in August 2014 as Senior Vice-President, Finance, in the Power business sector. In June 2015, he took on the role of Senior Vice-President and Corporate Controller. Previously he spent 14 years as CFO in the financial services and health care sectors of GE in Europe.

Empire Life Insurance Company [KINGSTON, ONTARIO] (TSX: EML.PR.A) announced the retirement of Gary McCabe, Senior Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer. Scott Ewert, Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer of E-L Financial Corporation Limited, will assume the position of interim CFO.

Resverlogix Corp. [CALGARY] (TSX: RVX) announced that Shawn Lu, Chief Financial Officer of Hepalink USA Inc. have been appointed to Resverlogix’s Board of Directors. Mr. Lu’s prior positions include: Area Manager for BMO Bank of Montreal; TD Bank Residential Mortgage Manager; TD Bank Senior Financial Advisor; Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Corporate Finance, Shenzhen Hepalink Biopharmaceutical Co.; Vice President of Investment and Corporate Finance, Shenzhen FuTianXin Investment Co.; General Manager of Corporate Finance Department and Manager of Investment & Finance Department, China Merchant Shekou Port Co. Ltd.

Redline [TORONTO] announced that George Kypreos, Chief Financial Officer, has decided to leave the company. Mr. Kypreos joined the Company in the capacity as CFO in May 2011.

Cambridge Global Payments [TORONTO, ON] announced the appointment of Gary Krikler as Chief Financial and Risk Officer. Prior to joining Cambridge, Krikler spent 12 years at HomeEquity Bank, as SVP, Chief Financial Officer. In addition, Krikler served as the Chief Financial Officer for AOL Canada, as well as McGraw-Hill Ryerson Ltd. Earlier in his career he worked for several years with a full service CPA firm in New York City.

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