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CFOs’ job stresses (North America)

The same three change-related stresses (strategic ambiguity, major change initiatives, and changing regulatory requirements) have consistently topped the list of CFOs’ job stresses over the past two years, but this quarter marks a notable change. Strategic ambiguity, which has been the top job stress twice and a top-two stress three times, finally fell out of the top three. Perhaps this is a sign that companies’ post-recession strategies are firming up and that work is now more focused on execution.
Job stressors

CFOs’ job stresses (North America)
Percent of respondents who place each option in their top three

CFOs’ job stresses (North America)

Job stressors chart: percent of respondents who place each option in their top 3
Changing CFO Role: Mostly changes for the better, with some variation by industry

We know from previous surveys that the roles and focus of CFOs and finance organizations have been changing over the past few years. But how do top CFOs view these changes? On the whole, it appears that CFOs believe the role has become more demanding, broad, visible, and influential. Fortunately, it also appears to have become more interesting and better compensated in most (but not all) industries.

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Jeudi 5 Juillet 2012