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Mercredi 9 Janvier 2019

CERtification: Michelin stars for the crypto exchange

CER, the first complex rating service, announces the official launch of a global initiative — CERtification for exchanges on Storage, Security, Liquidity, and Community. The confidence in the crypto sphere as the environment of trust is restored.

In the view of the latest events in the crypto exchange industry has been a turbulent place. The trade volume manipulations by the largest market players have grabbed the attention of the entire crypto community, shattering the trust of investors and capital holders. The illicit activity among other security issues underlines the vital importance of initiatives aimed at sustaining transparency. At the same time, the crypto exchanges need a quality mark, proving their reliability and impeccable record. Certification is a reasonable measure toward the market maturity.

The cybersecurity CER Certificate is offered to check exchange security, reliability and sustainability in order to provide utmost safety within the crypto market. Hackers can compromise an entire system by using the tiniest bug in the least expected area, which is why ensuring the security and credibility across all the existing areas must be a top priority for crypto exchanges.

CER certificate is a highly demanded solution that resolves all the critical issues of the industry with one shot: detecting all the exchanges’ wallets allows to acquire information on exchange balances, actual liquidity, and volume indexes. CER certification is an integral part of the company's Transparency Hackers initiative, aimed at combating fake volumes which are a preamble for future cyber attacks. The certificate covers the areas of Storage, Security, Liquidity, and Community, and each area receives its own certificate.

Security certificate provides an exchange with community trust and loyalty by checking server security, user security, CI security and performing a penetration test.

Obtaining a storage certificate reflects the exchange's sustainability and credibility and implies the following procedure: applying for certification, reporting wallets, verification performed by CER partners and CER team (including "satoshi test" and manual review), and finally getting the certificate.

Liquidity certificate demonstrates honesty and trustworthiness as a market player and it is backed by volume manipulation problem. The liquidity certificate involves audit arrangements, an overview of the potentially manipulative patterns/inconsistencies detection, conducting general analysis, liquidity audit, reporting and certifying.

Community certificate indicates reliability and soundness since in the realm of crypto environment community is a crucial factor in the quality evaluation of the crypto exchange. The analysis involves site visits, unique visitors, website traffic analytics, number of community members (Telegram groups, Twitter, Reddit, etc), the analysis of trade volume per unique visitor and comparing figures with peers.

As long as the crypto field has a huge potential in global economics and finance, it is essential to secure its maturity and health. CER certificates are a clear sign that a crypto exchange cares about its income, clients, and reputation. Each certificate is a guarantee that the exchange belongs to global transparency movements and is committed to the highest possible standards.

"Trade volume manipulations, security issues, exit scams, as well as fake community cases — these phenomena have a negative impact on the present-day crypto industry. Apart from shattering trust and confidence, these problems make the crypto world an unwelcoming environment for potential investors. While there are doubts and insecurities concerning crypto exchanges, it is important to restore and sustain the initial image of crypto space — a place of new opportunities, trust, and reliability” — CER Marketing Lead Gleb Myrko said.

“CER Certificates can be compared with Michelin stars received by a restaurant — it is an undisputable quality mark and a client can expect the best possible service. Our mission is to become a global crypto market regulator, creating transparent and secure community aimed at ensuring rapid development and maturity of the industry. We hope this initiative will significantly purify the environment" — CER Project Lead Serhii Dovhopolyi said.

About CER
CER (Crypto Exchange Ranks) is the first and only rating service which provides comprehensive objective crypto exchange analytics and researches. It is based on a thorough analysis of broad risk areas including liquidity, compliance, reliability, public opinion, and cybersecurity level. The product offers complex information that is collected using accurate algorithms and mathematical models by means of a professional and intuitive platform.

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