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Mercredi 3 Octobre 2018

CEO of Genesis Group, Chinese Leading Financial Institution Specializing in Blockchain, Speaks at DAIBC

The DAIBC was held in Kuala Lumpur on September 27-28, 2018. Feng Chi, CEO of Genesis Group, was invited to deliver a speech on the development of the blockchain market in China.

“The blockchain is becoming the critical area for international competition,” he said. “The blockchain sets no block to any country. It is a global revolution on productive relations and the blockchain market differs in every country.”

From 2013 when China Central Television reported BitCoin for the first time to 2017 when the blockchain hype emerged in China, China’s blockchain market has undergone ups and downs, creating opportunities and challenges.

According to 2018 China Blockchain Industry Whitepaper published by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, as of March 2018, there were 456 companies specializing in blockchain businesses. Before 2013, this number was only 31, but 136 and 178 respectively in 2016 and 2017. These companies fall into several categories, with the financial services being the majority, followed by blockchain solutions, underlying platforms, and blockchain media & communities. So far, the blockchain technology has been applied in areas such as supply-chain finance, credit investigation, product tracing, copyright trading, digital identity and digital evidence.

Genesis Group is a leading financial institution consisting of Genesis Capital, Genesis Lab and Genesis Investment Bank. It provides one-stop service for entrepreneurs in blockchain industry ranging from incubation, funding to investment banking, etc.

Genesis Capital is a capital fund under Genesis group for the blockchain industry. Committed to discovering early staged projects with the biggest potential, the team seeks to offer not only investment but consulting as the project grows.

Genesis Lab provides incubation designed to foster startups for the world of decentralization. Ranging from legal, regulatory and admin support, technical mentorship to organizational structure, its specialists will pave the path from optimizing whitepapers to first campaign launching for big ideas.

Genesis Investment Bank aspires to deliver best-in-class strategic advice and creative financing solutions to our clients, including fundraising, asset management, risk management. In addition, the bank also helps to build brand awareness.

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