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Breakthrough innovation and growth

Top innovators expect US$250 billion five-year revenue boost.

Breakthrough innovation and growth

We’re seeing a step change in the importance of innovation to the success of our clients and to the scale of the business benefits delivered. So, we decided to run this survey to start to quantify these benefits and to identify the practices that deliver them. We asked over 1,700 board-level executives around the world what they see as the role for innovation within their organisation and how they see this changing over the next five years.

Our research shows that, over the last 3 years, leading innovators have grown at a rate 16% higher than the least innovative. Moving forward, these same leading innovators forecast their rate of growth will increase to almost double the global average, and over three times higher than the least innovative companies. That translates into an average for all companies of $500 million in revenue over a 5 year timeframe.

Innovation is becoming a competitive necessity for companies and should be delivering significantly increased revenue growth. If it’s not, then executives need to be asking themselves what they could do to improve their innovation process.

There is a transformation underway. Companies are changing the way they innovate. In this report we look at what the current leaders are doing and how their organisation, processes, culture, and other key elements are different, in the hope that others can benefit from these examples.

If innovation is not delivering all that it could be for your company, then please read on.

Rob Shelton
Global Innovation Strategy Lead
David Percival
Global Client Innovation Lead

September 2013

Read more: download the survey below (PDF 44 pages).

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