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Brazil Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Mile Unity Foundation have signed the agreement on collaboration in the field of blockchain-technology

Representatives of two public benefit organizations will be looking for the new ways to implement blockchain technology in order to solve the problem of volatility of national currencies during the stagnation of global economy.

Members of BRICS Alliance, Russian-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Sociedade Metropolitana were present at the meeting during which current situation in international circulation of cryptocurrencies and the dangers that current financial system is faced with were analyzed. Also, the agreement on collaborative work in the fiend of implementation of blockchain technologies in international trade was signed.

“Despite the distracting efforts of bank lobbyists, during current period of political changes, we are observing significant increase of the interest in decentralization. There is a number of governmental authorities which are already discussing blockchain technologies. It means that it can become one of the main factors for the economy growth in the nearest future,” said Gilberto F. Ramos, President of the Brazilian-Russian Chamber of Commerce.

George Goognin, the Global Ambassador, shared that «Mile Unity Foundation is ready to continue to support Brazilian partners in their efforts to implement blockchain technologies in real economy. Mile system allows increasing commodity circulation, implementing fast and transparent transactions, provides opportunities to work with any country, as well as ensures the reliability of payment systems.”

The Brazilian-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry unites Brazilian and Russian companies with the intention to develop business dialogue between two countries.

Mile Unity Foundation is a public benefit organization, dedicated to educate people about new financial technologies and help them to apply it in real economy. The core goal is to launch an Embassy in most active countries. While the Embassy is a boiling point of the blockchain community.

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Jeudi 27 Septembre 2018

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