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Bluefin and Paydunk Partner for Integrated Mobile Ecommerce Payments

Bluefin Payment Systems and Paydunk announced today their partnership to offer an all-in one mobile security and integrated Ecommerce payment solution.

Bluefin specializes in security solutions for both retail point of sale transactions with their PCI-validated point to point encryption (P2PE) products and for Ecommerce and online transactions through their secure PayConex payment gateway, which features Tokenization and Transparent Redirect technologies. Paydunk has pioneered a mobile app that brings the simplicity of POS transactions to mobile checkout by allowing consumers to enable online payment via the Paydunk button at checkout, entering a PIN, and confirming the transaction.

“More and more people are using smart phones and tablets to browse and shop online each year. Unfortunately most websites are not optimized for these devices and a tedious payment process often causes checkout abandonment,” said Robert McHugh, co-founder of Paydunk. “Paydunk solves this problem by passing the users encrypted payment information right from their smartphone to the payment processor or gateway. The whole checkout process can be completed in as little as six simple touches. No logins, no QWERTY keyboard and no sharing of any personal or financial information are required.”

Through the partnership, Paydunk will provide integrated payment processing to clients through Bluefin’s PayConex payment gateway. The partnership will utilize both Paydunk’s encryption and decryption security features for online transactions and Bluefin’s secure Ecommerce payment processing – providing a highly secure process to help reduce PCI-DSS compliance scope.

“Studies show that mobile payment cart abandonment can be as high as 98% as a result of browsing capability issues, security concerns, accessibility and clunky payment methods. Paydunk has created a mobile app that alleviates these issues – with security and simplicity at the forefront,” stated Julie Counterman, Chief of Integrated Payments, Bluefin. “As a Participating Organization of the PCI SSC and the first North American based company to receive PCI validation for a P2PE solution, Bluefin is dedicated to providing the highest level of security for all transactions. We are excited to compliment Paydunk’s mobile app with our proprietary PayConex integrated Ecommerce payment platform and industry-leading security suite.”

Paydunk will be unveiling their new solution at this week’s New York Tech Day while Bluefin Chief Innovation Officer, Ruston Miles, will be speaking on today’s NACHA panel, Improving Security Through Mobile, and on April 24th at the ETA Payments Security Day panel on The Future of Payment Security in the U.S.

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Mardi 5 Mai 2015