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Mardi 14 Septembre 2021

Blocktrade €22M Largest Crowdfunding Investment in Luxembourg

Blocktrade breaks the block - Oversubscribed Series A.

Blocktrade SA, a Luxembourg-based digital asset exchange, has closed the largest crowdfunding investment in Luxembourg to date. The company raised over €22 million from private investors in 33 countries under the leadership of its new CEO, Bernhard Blaha. He was appointed by Cryptix AG, a Swiss venture builder who acquired the company in 2019, rebuilt it into a rising star and sold it in 2021. The Blocktrade Securities Offering has attracted over 6000 investors across Europe.

The European fintech scene has just become more competitive. Blocktrade, a digital asset exchange with the vision of building an ecosystem around digital assets, has completed its first regulated securities offering with the Luxembourg regulator CSSF. In a Series A financing, the company raised over €22 million from private investors across 33 countries.

Bernhard Blaha has been appointed as Blocktrade’s new CEO at the end of last year. He has been intensively involved with digital assets for years and is a board member of the Digital Assets Association Austria.

CEO Bernhard Blaha states: "Blocktrade is more than a classic crypto exchange: we are building a complete ecosystem around digital assets, which provides our users with much more than just access to trading tools". Blaha and his team have grown along with the crypto space and were able to lay the foundation for a modern company with innovative products.

With the raised capital, improvements have already been made in operations - particularly in the areas of security, fiat gateway and market-making - and significant growth potential has been identified in the securities prospectus. Furthermore, a broad-based B2C campaign will be launched in 2021 to increase the user base. B2B partnerships through which Blocktrade distributes white label features are also in the pipeline. In addition, Blocktrade is building a service that supports startups in regulated capital raising up to the establishment of a liquid secondary market. The exchange is thus positioning itself as an attractive access point for end customers and a strong partner for companies at the same time.

About Blocktrade SA
Blocktrade is the digital asset marketplace of the future. It is part of a wider ecosystem, which covers all stages of asset tokenization.
Started in 2018 Blocktrade was acquired and rebuilt by Cryptix until 2020 and funded by an international group of investors in 2021. This way Blocktrade set the course for the further international rollout and this is why the company headquarters was moved to Luxembourg. Digital asset trading is an exponentially growing market and Blocktrade is a bridgehead between slow, regulated tokenization services and fast-paced trading communities.

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