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Jeudi 10 Décembre 2015

Blockchain Tech LTD is sponsoring two seats in the Launch Academy Lean Entrepreneur Program

Blockchain Technology LTD (BTL) is excited to announce that they will be sponsoring two seats in the upcoming January session of Launch Academy’s Lean Entrepreneur Program. The Lean Entrepreneur Program provides first-time entrepreneurs and career-changers with the best practices for building a lean startup. This program focuses on what’s essential to you in the first six months of your startup journey.

BTL is specifically seeking to work with entrepreneurs entering the program that are interested in exploring blockchain technology. The 4 week part time Lean Entrepreneur Program gives individuals interested in building real and viable startup businesses the opportunity to understand and implement the fundamentals of lean methodology through a step-by-step guide to operating a small tech-based business. During this time you will have access to the expertise and guidance of Guy Halford-Thompson CEO of BTL. Guy has been involved in the tech community for many years, working as an analyst for software companies. In 2011 he founded QuickBitcoin, which saw revenue positivity in its first 3 months, and transacted over £1m in bitcoin in 2014. As CEO of BTL, Guy recently oversaw the initial public offering of BTL on the TSX Venture Exchange. As a thought leader in the blockchain space Guy brings a unique combination of skill sets to the table both as a CEO and as a mentor.

About Blockchain Technology LTD
BTL is a blockchain technology company developing blockchain based solutions for clients in the banking, remittance, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, luxury goods and ticketing spaces. With offices in London, UK and Vancouver, BC, BTL is able to service clients around the globe, working closely with teams to understand the value of blockchain solutions.

About Launch Academy
Launch Academy provides early-stage entrepreneurs with world class startup education and mentorship in a collaborative environment. Launch Academy is committed to helping early-stage tech startups in Vancouver become the next big thing through world-class education and mentorship. They connect entrepreneurs with the resources they need to launch their startup into hyperdrive. Since 2012, Launch Academy has led the effort to help over 250 early-stage startups to get off the ground. To this date, these startups have collectively raised over 35 million and created more than 500 jobs.

How to apply
Please visit if you are interested in applying.

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