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Blockchain Practitioner Conference China 2018

Blockchain Practitioner China Summit 2018 will be held on Sep 18th, 2018.

The summit will gather blockchain elite across the globe, including blockchain industrial associations, institutes, Fintech companies, blockchain technology innovators, blockchain application startups, corporate blockchain R&D teams, consulting firms and companies of the digital economy industrial chain from more than 20 countries.

Main topics of Blockchain Practitioner China Summit 2018 include latest global development of the blockchain technology, from crypto technology to distributed algorithm, from main network creation to Dapp development, from blockchain safety to loophole prevention, also blockchain application and regulatory landscape, encompassing finance and payment, medical, distributed power gird, artificial intelligence, internet of things, supply chain management and tracing, IP protection and management, entertainment, audio and video and content industry and etc.; how can the blockachain empower digitalization of the enterprises, how can the traditional firms become the leader of digital economy by grasping the opportunities offered by blockchain?

This summit is aimed to create platform of cooperation and exchange for policy makers, blockchain technical experts, blockchain industry practitioners and investors, and designed to make contributions to the orderly and healthy development of the blockchain industry. We are convinced that this summit will be of assistance to establishment of the technology-driven new ecosystem of blockchain, and ultimately facilitate the formation of the value internet.

Event Highlights:
1200+ Attendees
800+ Blockchain Practitioners
200+ Institutional Investors
80+ Blockchain-Based Startups
50+ Internet Giant/ Tranditional Enterprise
50+ Financial & Blockchain Media
30+ Global Top Speakers
20+ Countries Involved
Awards Ceremony: Blockchain Practitioner Awards (BPA) 2018
Block Show:Co-located Exhibition
Media Interview: 100+ Media interviews
1-on-1 Meeting: Blockchain Project Team vs Institutional Investors

Event Key Words
- Industry Regulation & Policy
- Distributed Ledger Applications
- Cutting Edge Financial Technologies
- Enterprise Blockchain Solutions
- Blockchain + Indsustry Applications
- Smart Contracts
- Sharing Economy
- Scalable DApps
- Blockchain Security and Loophole Provention
- Blockchain and Cryptoeconomic Strategy

Attendee Profile
Blockchain Entrepreneurs, Developers, Startups Founders, Investors, Lawyers, Marketers, Journalist from the Following Companies:
- Government & Regulators
- Banks,Securities, Futures Compnay,Insurance Companies
- Fintech & Internet Finance Companies
- Credit Investigation Companies,Financial Risk Management Companies
- Blockchain Solution Providers
- Blockchain Induustry Application Companies
- Blockchain Technology Companies
- Cyptocurrency Related Companies
- Bitcoin Mining Related Companies
- Consulting Firm, Law Firm, Institutional Investors
- Univesity and Research Institute, Industry Alliance & Associations,Media

Why Should Attend
- Keep yourself updated with the latest trends and developments in blockchain world
- Meet the Enterpreneurs and CEOs’ of hottest and most innovative projects
- Hear about successful investment strategies
- Networking with the industry’s smartest practitioners, visionaries and thought-leaders.

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Mardi 17 Juillet 2018