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Vendredi 12 Février 2021

Blockchain Neobank: Antier Solutions Records USD 50M Liquidity in their Crypto Friendly Banking Platform

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Antier Solutions Records USD 50M Liquidity in their Crypto Friendly Banking Platform - Signals Partnerships with Global Finance Institutions

The rapidly evolving digital landscape has led to the dawn of the era of neobanks. As global consumers navigate to crypto friendly neo banking, the service providers have begun to include their solutions supporting digital assets.

Antier Solutions, a Blockchain finance services company headquartered in India has gone full throttle with its signature crypto friendly banking services for startups and corporates. The crypto bank has recorded a liquidity amount of USD 50M making it one of the biggest networks in the business.

The bank users are issued an IBAN account and digital credit/debit cards, a merchant payment gateway and a user controlled wallet. Besides vendor payments in cryptos, the solution has an inbuilt trading desk enabling peer-2-peer lending and other DeFi functions.

"The finance industry is evolving wherein the institutions and customers are realising the transformative power of cryptocurrencies in making banking more transparent, secure, cost-efficient, and accessible to everyone. Our belief in driving the change rather than watching it happen encouraged us to offer white label digital asset banking software that assure faster deployment and better services," said Vikram R. Singh, the Managing Director of Antier Solutions.

By 2023, neobanks are projected to have up to 85 million customers over the age of 14 which is equivalent to 20% of Europe's population. Furthermore, research by Censuswide unveils that one in four people under the age of 37 in Western Europe uses the services of a digital bank.

With two global units in North America and the UK, Antier Solutions has partnered with some of the world's leading banks and financial institutions. The company harnesses its technical prowess to accelerate the development of crypto banking services for global customers.

About Antier
Antier is a crypto banking services provider, helping businesses transit from conventional technology platforms to blockchain-driven systems. Antier, with its deep domain knowledge and rich experience, has created a well-rounded ecosystem of solutions to help businesses launch their digital assets trading platforms, crypto lending platforms, banks, and more. The company aims to empower more payments services companies embrace decentralization using public and private blockchain development.

SOURCE Antier Solutions

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