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Blockchain: Apla enters a strategic partnership with Centre for Good Governance

Apla delivers blockchain services to government departments as part the organization’s expansion plan.

Apla, a technology company, regionally headquartered in Dubai and developing blockchain solutions for governments and enterprises today announced its partnership with the Centre for Good Governance (CGG) Hyderabad, Government of Telangana to deliver blockchain infrastructure, application and services to government entities in India as well as in other regions in the near future. The partnership is part of the organization’s strategic plan to continue to expand its regional presence in Middle East and South Asia.

“We’re seeing a growing number of organizations across the public sector beginning to explore how blockchain technology can help streamline or modernize operations and are excited to deliver blockchain solutions in collaboration with CGG,” commented Muhammed Arafath, Executive Director at Apla.

“With the project in India currently in its roll-out phase, we are also exploring various use cases across Smartcity projects and eGovernment cloud computing initiatives and we look forward to expanding our partnership with different technology companies in A.I. and IoT across different markets in the Middle East, Asia and Africa. The UAE, being an international tech and innovation hub, is one of our main focus markets as well.”

Making it easier and more efficient to access emerging technologies such as A.I. and blockchain, Apla together with its delivery partner CGG, enable government entities in India now to accelerate the deployment of digital services that are smarter, more resilient, secure and better integrated.

“Blockchain powered government brings a whole new dimension to innovation, trust and governance. At CGG, we are committed to evaluate and deliver a secure, fast, agile and transparent Blockchain infrastructure to various Indian government entities with the aim to replicate this success model in the market that we can gain access to,” added ex IAS Officer Mr. Rajendra Nimje, Director General of Center for Good Governance.

The Apla smart platform and blockchain solutions enable governments and organizations to quickly and easily build robust blockchain ecosystems that address the challenges of establishing provenance, authentication and reconciliation faced by many industry sectors, including central and local government as well as other public and private sector bodies. The platform is a regulated ecosystem that uses ‘Smart Law’ technology that operates above the levels of protocols and is purpose-built to be seamlessly and securely interoperable with other legacy systems.

About Apla:
Apla is a full-service blockchain technology company that enables governments and enterprises to work faster, safer and with greater impact. Enterprise grade blockchain protocol Apla Blockchain is built specifically for developing digital ecosystems. Apla is being accepted as one of the most preferred blockchain platform for governments and enterprises due to its simplicity and easy of deployment.

About CGG:
The Centre for Good Governance was established in October 2001 by the then Government of Andhra Pradesh in collaboration with the Department for International Development (DFID) and the World Bank to help the State achieve its goal of transforming governance. The CGG undertakes research, provides professional advice and conducts change management programs for government agencies to successfully implement their reform agenda. The blockchain partnership with Apla is one such example of the same.

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Mardi 8 Janvier 2019

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