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Jeudi 26 Mai 2016

Blockchain Angels Launches Comprehensive Blockchain Startup Tracker

Blockchain Angels, a network of dedicated blockchain angels and VCs, today opens up its database of startups through the launch of a Blockchain Startup Tracker. With over 760+ startups and growing from across the globe it makes it the world’s largest and most comprehensive public database of its kind.

Blockchain Angels is a dedicated investor network powered by Outlier Ventures, Europe’s first blockchain venture builder and fund. Jamie Burke, CEO of Outlier Ventures and Founder of Blockchain Angels said, “At Blockchain Angels we have teams tracking every public start-up in the blockchain space since 2012 for our investors. Our data covers everything from basic POCs all the way to Series A. We know who their teams are, the sectors they are targeting, and even what tech stack they are using. Along the way we track if they fold or pivot as well as levels of funding and investment stage. Today we are totally opening that up to help further deal-flow in the space.”

The tracker is open for startups to directly make submissions and keep their profiles up to date, it is also now freely searchable by investors. By signing up by email investors can receive a regular deep dive analysis to track trends and significant events live as they happen in a monthly newsletter from the Outlier Ventures research team.

Lawrence Lundy, Head of Research & Partnerships at Outlier Ventures said, “We want to enable a thriving ecosystem of investors, startups and corporate activity in the blockchain community. Just hearing about those that have completed their Series A round is too late for investors. They want to see where the innovation is happening and it’s not always in the obvious places. This gives our network an edge which is why many of the top investors use us for insights’’.

The ecosystem aims to be the go-to resource for investors active in the blockchain space and entrepreneurs who want to easily gain investor visibility. Data can be segmented live in charts at the Blockchain Angels site and can be embedded live in blogs through a handy widget.

- If you are an entrepreneur, raise your profile with investors and increase your chances of securing funding as well as be assessed to pitch at a Blockchain Angels event by adding your startup here.
- If you are an investor, and want to understand the opportunities in the blockchain market sign up here for regular insights including region and country level breakdowns, latest funding rounds, technology trends and a curated list of the most investable companies.

About Blockchain Angels
Blockchain Angels is a market intelligence and events platform to educate and connect up angel networks and early stage VCs to enable deal-flow for the blockchain community.

About Ourtlier Ventures
Outlier Ventures is the venture builder founded in 2014 which services Outlier Ventures LLP to deliver ventures on budget and to plan through joint-venturing with a partner ecosystem.

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